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A Web Hosting Company Can Offer A Lot More Than Just Business Security

In recent times, having seen the detrimental damages of companies going under water because they lack either the knowledge or expertise of website security and proper infrastructure, it is management’s duty in most cases, to make sure that the business is secure from any threats, and the right tools should always be implemented in order for this to happen.

This article will highlight the big advantages of having your own online security through web hosting services and how any business, no matter what sector or size can benefit from this, with one simple tool – a Secure Web Hosting provider, click here to find out more information on a holistic level.

Web hosting is a highly-regarded service that allows organizations and individuals alike, to house their websites online/on the Internet. The units responsible for providing this service are known as ‘web hosts’ or a web hosting service company.

It is a business, run by professionals that do everything in their capacity to provide you with several different options catered to your specific business sector, size and model and implemented through technology that is specifically created for the sole purpose of hosting a website on a server.

The Case of Loss

Over the past couple of decades, companies have lost billions of dollars through the side-effects of hacking and the vulnerability of their websites. Through web hosting, one of the options you can ask any reputable company is to add that extra layer of security for your website and especially if you have any sensitive client data, this is the way to go.

According to a report published by the Federal Trade Commission on this very topic, the number of fraud and identity theft has decreased over the past 3 years but remains at an all-time high. In 2017the numbers were just over 3 million cases.

This reputable source https://heimdalsecurity.com/blog/top-online-scams/ has a list of some of the many techniques internet scammers have used in the past and continue to use till date. It is advisable to read through informative articles like these so you know what to look out for next time your online. Internet Fraud contributes towards a loss of almost $19 million per year, and that’s only in the USA.

Online scams

What Types of Scams Are Out There?

Just to give you an idea of the different types of scams that companies face daily world-wide are:

  1. Phone or Utility Fraud
  2. Credit Card Fraud
  3. Online Identity Theft
  4. Imposter Scams
  5. Travel Fraud
  6. Bank Fraud
  7. Charity Fraud
  8. Mobile Services Fraud
  9. Social Media Fraud
  10. Postal Fraud

The above list is merely touching the tip of the iceberg of the 30 plus different categories. There are tons of other categories that you can find in the in-depth report in the above link.

The good news is, there isn’t just one form of secure hosting for your business website. But rather a few good ones to choose from. Let’s touch on them below.

VPS (virtual personal server) Hosting

A newer and slightly different type of hosting, VPS is a type of virtual dedicated server. The biggest benefit of this option is that you have access to a higher level of server resources. It takes up a portion of the server and has its own operating system, disc space and bandwidth. This option increases your site’s performance for the better.

WordPress Hosting

As the name implies, this is a type of hosting that is dedicated to WordPress websites. Due to its popularity over the past few decades, it has become the first go-to for many who want to create their website or blog page and is known to hold almost 40% of all websites, that’s a whopping 75-million-WordPress websites. And as such, has become the most common form of specialty hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Another recent addition to the group and a virtual option, where your host and your website will be in the ‘Cloud’. This is also a cost-effective solution to secure web hosting and you pay for what you use. This has quite a high rating of reliability and performance.

Not to mention the many advantages of hiring a dedicated web hosting company to do this for you, such as Alpha One Servers, will include things such as faster internet speeds, improved performance, secure website, heightened reliability and uptime to name a few.

Shared Hosting

Also, another popular choice for most businesses, it is the simplest and easiest one to use, as it fits in nicely with majority business owners, not to mention it’s the most affordable one. Reason for this is because you will be sharing the server resources with thousands of other websites so you don’t need to pay for the entire server and only pay for your split.

When Internet users want to view your website, they search in their browser for either a general topic or keyword(s) or place a website address or business name in the search bar. In a nut-shell, this gets picked up and sends the ball rolling to connect to a server where your website is stored and this is done within milliseconds, without having web hosting you could very easily lose this possibility. You can read about all the steps online too.

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