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Tips for Improving Model Website Design

A website for a business is the crucial thing. It determines the interest and involvement of your audience because their interaction with your website is essentially interaction with your brand. A well-designed, convenient, and understandable website is a nearly a guarantee of the positive emotions of the potential customers, so you should not neglect its importance. Nowadays, it’s not a problem to create your own website: web studio, freelancers, website builders, services like Weblium (combination of web studio and site builder).

For people who run a business rather than deal with the technical side of the sales, it may seem a kind of rocket science at first, yet, considering the patterns and the common features that quality websites have, it is possible to figure the most important elements of a model website design and learn about their matter.

The homepage design

This is a place where the customer should find everything that they may hypothetically need.  It may be the address of the nearest store or office, the phone number of the sales manager, the weather update, a login box, social media links or even an anecdote of the day. The specification of your business and the people you aim at must tell you what they expect to see.

A business homepage design matters because it is probably going to be the first interaction point a potential customer is going to have with your brand. You might have heard the proverb- ‘first impressions are the last ones’! This means that you need to invest proper thought, energy and effort to your website’s home page. Unless you are working with the best Web Design Company in Dubai, you might end up losing a lot of time, money and effort in the entire process.

Site organization and user experience

Make sure that the information that the customer looks for is accessible in minimum clicks. For the sake of good user experience, think in advance about what you want to display and what the user’s journey will be like.

Well-organized information is easy to understand. Make sure that you deliver one message at a time. It is easy to do with special website building editors, such as Weblium.com. The website design software like this, you can choose blocks with a particular designation and fill those with relevant information. For example, the block for contacts will already contain the necessary elements to leave your address, phone number, and other details. A gallery block will help you to present your accomplishments or something you are proud of.

With a special area dedicated to each particular message on your website, your user will follow the logic and engage with it.

The visual coherence of the whole website

The design of your website must speak for your business and not be confused with any other company, business or product. For this reason, you should create your site style with the identity of your business. You can adjust it to the style of your logo or stress on the emotions that you want from your customer. The main rule of the work with the visual style of your website is the coherence. It must look put together both at the level of web pages and about what you sell.  


Visualize your content with pictures or infographics. It is engaging and understandable for the customer. If you sell products, present as many angles of the good as possible. If you provide services, incorporate the pictures of the satisfied customers for the website visitors to want to one of those.

If you have video content, show it to the customer. It is a good way to deliver a message instead of long texts, for its dynamic, bright, and informative. Tell a story of your company or show how fun it is to use your product so that it sticks with the website visitor.

Don’t forget to add icons to the sections and blocks of your website for easy navigation around it.


As well as the visual appearance of the site, the content must stick. It is the hart and the soul of your business, for it is the voice that the customers will hear on your site. Here are some considerations to design a website with engaging content

  • Be simple. The explanations must be understandable to the reader.
  • Create your tone of voice and maintain it over the whole site. Speak the legal language if you are an attorney bureau and speak the mother language if you sell development toys for toddlers.
  • Show your care. Everything related to the theme of your product or service can go to your blog. All the questions related to the use, maintenance, and alternative uses of your product are better predicted and explained on your very website.

Finally, the situation with every business is unique, and so is its web design model. If you weren’t recently bitten by a radioactive web developer, making a site from scratch may be challenging, for there are plenty of peculiarities. The good news is, you can get it done for you with a single request on Weblium.com. There, the professionals will design a website that will suit the needs of your business so that you can focus on your clients.

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