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How to Pick the Best Set of Wheels for Your Car

One of the first modifications car enthusiasts makes is replacing the wheels or rims to give the car a new vibe. Should you be thinking of purchasing new rims for your car, you already know that this is not a simple decision. You are most likely focused on how they look. Visual appeal is one of the primary reasons most people change the stock set of rims that comes with a vehicle. As the one investing in these new parts, you want those rims to give your car a fresh feel, so all eyes will turn towards you as you cruise by.

However, with a broad range of rims available in the market, it can be a tad confusing to settle on the right one. Pick the rims that will complement your vehicle’s brand and model. Whether you want to change your wheel diameter for a sportier look or you want to change the colour for an eye-catching pop of colour, there are some specifications that you need to note to get the right one. This affects how you handle your car, your ride comfort, and your safety. Take a look at the following details below to help you with your selection process.

Buy From a Reputable Seller

Shopping for a set of rims can be overwhelming with the numerous models, specs, and makes to choose from. You may even get tempted by ultra-cheap offers online. Research thoroughly to source the quality set of wheels from a reputable supplier that meets Australian road safety standards.

This ensures that you are protected on the road, preventing accidents if you happen to drive by a pothole or any debris. Shattering your wheel will lead to catastrophic results because you cannot control your vehicle. By buying from an official distributor or reseller, you are assured of getting quality wheels that pass stringent standards.

Boils Down to Taste

Sometimes, it all boils down to taste. Whether you plan on adding Full Zephyr Matte Black, Inforged Chrome Rims, or Ronal Teddy Bears, the primary consideration that you have to satisfy is your own aesthetic sense. After all, there is truth to the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Be sure to peruse the catalogue of a manufacturer or reseller so you can make the best choice.

Examine the Diameter

The wheel size matters a lot because this can affect the performance, ride, and handling of your vehicle. Make sure you know the range of wheels and tire sizes that will work. Most car brands and models support a range of sizes. Knowing what wheel diameter and width will help find the perfect fit for your vehicle. The wheel diameter is measured across the centre, while the rim width is when you are looking from the side.

Note that the same profile tire on a larger wheel will affect your car’s speedometer and odometer readings. The larger the diameter, the lower the readings as a single rotation at transmission is now covering longer distances with the bigger size. This makes you more prone to speeding, and it would be harder to keep track of servicing and maintenance. So do keep this in check when choosing the size. For best results, check the tire and wheel information panel on your vehicle.

Find the Perfect Stud Pattern

Finding the fit on your wheels is not the same as trying on new shoes. You can’t just pick the style you like with the right diameter and width size. You have to consider the mounting points on the wheel hub differs depending on the automobile manufacturer. Sometimes, cars can have three, four, or five lugs to mount the wheel. The arrangement of the studs can even vary, known as Pitch Circle Diameter or stud pattern.

This detail should be listed in your car’s owner manual. Some can be found engraved into the current stock wheels that come with the vehicles. It comes with a numerical arrangement like 5×114 or 5/114. The first number is the mounting holes, while the second number denotes the distance of those holes from the centre in millimetres. If you get the wrong stud pattern, you’ll just waste your money because they won’t fit in the wheel hub.

Final Word

When you are looking for new rims, note the sizing, backspacing, wheel offset, and stud patterns. If you are feeling unsure, you can email the seller to ask for guidance and advice. A reputable seller is staffed with friendly agents that can help you make the right choice for your vehicle. You can even give your specifications on what kind of look you are after, and these experts can give your options to choose from.


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