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5 Fundamental Steps Before Initiating JustEat Clone App Development

You can not imagine a successful food delivery business without apps like JustEat, Doordash, Zomato, UberEats, etc. And here is why.  Food delivery apps have almost changed the dine-in patterns, transformed the restaurant industry and this approach is here to stay for a long time. 

Today, mobility solutions are a must for existing restaurant business owners and startups that want to offer online food ordering services. Unfortunately, to win the competition, along with mobility solutions, there is much more to do. Once you join the food delivery business, you will face fierce competition. In order to stand out and compete with popular apps, your idea and features should be unique. 

In order to grab the attention of millions of hearts, you need to give users a reason to choose your food delivery app over rivals. In other words, your food delivery business needs a strong and well-recognized brand with persuasive customer segments. Moreover, you also need to find a reliable technology partner or app development company that knows everything and helps you develop a JustEat clone from scratch. 

The food delivery market is forecasted to grow more than 34X and researchers are anticipating that online food delivery services will grow exponentially. So if you want to take the advantage of this lucrative market, this is the perfect time to enter the market. But before discussing the primary steps, it is necessary to take a look at how the pandemic affected the food delivery industry. 

Impact of the Pandemic on Food Delivery Industry 


Source: eMarketer

In the COVID -19 pandemic, all major economic sectors have been affected. But none have been affected more than the food, meal kit & tourism industries. Moreover, the health crisis is a major factor behind the recent rise in unemployment rates and the closure of many restaurants.

According to the report from McKinsey, casual-dining and fine-dining restaurants have seen their revenue decline by 85%. As the coronavirus pandemic has etched deep scars on the restaurant industry, it is clear that it has been massively damaging to the industry.

Meanwhile, innovation and off-premise diners’ rates are seeing rapid growth.  The number of online pickup and delivery orders is going gangbusters in the U.S., UK, and Canada. Consumption preferences seem to be shifting as well. Rather than dining in restaurants, people order food to be delivered to their homes or offices or takeaway.

Besides the prolonged lockdown that forced people to stay indoors, another significant contributor to growth in online food deliveries is the long duration of lockdowns. Restaurant hygiene standards are also at fault for the growth of online food deliveries. Taking advantage of online food deliveries is a more convenient and safer option.

Consequently, entrepreneurs are investing in the Justeat clone app right now because entrepreneurs are looking for success. There have also been a number of companies raising funds to expand and cover more regions with their unique ideas. Apps are constantly evolving and new concepts are being introduced to grab the attention of customers.

Is Investing in a JustEat clone a Good Business Opportunity?

Definitely. JustEat is UK’s popular food delivery app, its usage, and popularity encourage other entrepreneurs to enter the food delivery market with a powerful JustEat clone. And even more so in the last couple of years, the food delivery market has experienced a major surge in terms of revenue and order volume. 

Moreover, 1231.9 million people were using food delivery services in 2020, and it is anticipated that by 2025, the number of the platform to consumer and restaurant-to-consumer deliveries will cross 2,114.3 million each. There are three major trends that are contributing greatly to this boom of the industry including: 

  • Wide access to the Internet
  • GenZ’s increasing inclination towards “convenience”
  • And the novel pandemic

According to statistics, online food delivery is most popular with the 18-44 age group (Gen X and Gen Z). Eighty-one percent of these users order meals online at least once per week. 

The above trends and statistics clearly reflect that making an investment in the JustEat clone empowers conventional food delivery startups and ensures their business success. Now, without any ado, let’s take a look at five steps that help one should perform before starting development. 

Few Tips To Consider Before Starting JustEat Clone Development 

If your app like JustEat has a user-friendly design and offers a wealth of features, you’ve already won half the battle. The only exception to this is if you want to create a food delivery app from scratch, then you may need to hire an expert development team, which is undoubtedly very expensive and can take a considerable amount of time.

Find Your Niche

An organization that provides food delivery services runs a range of activities, including farm-to-table and meal kits. When you have chosen which area you are going to target, you next need to find a niche. If you are going to target individuals who work in offices, or if you are going to target big corporations, then select who you will target. As a result, you will generate more revenue in a short time. In the following statistics, you will find some information that can help you choose where to market your brand:

US, Germany, China, Europe, UAE, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Korea are countries with high use of food delivery apps. Before selecting your audience, learn about their region, their demographics, their buying habits, their interests, and their lifestyle. Choosing the right audience will ensure your success.

Define Your Approach

The food delivery business can be approached in several ways. You need to decide how you will approach it. Your budget will dictate how you proceed. If you are running a food delivery business, for example, you need funding to create your JustEat clone, then market your business to nearby restaurants, restaurant signing ups, manpower to handle menus, customer calls, etc.

Know Your Rivals

Find out what other key players in the market are doing to become successful on the market by analysing your competitors. Check out their apps to see if there are any new features you need or if there are any features that will be helpful for your business.

Work on the Core Features and Functionalities

There are three essential components of an app like JustEat. The user app, the restaurant app, delivery provider app, and admin dashboard. In order to deliver a seamless customer experience, business owners need to integrate essential features and functionalities. 

Shake Hands with Your Dream Team

It’s imperative that you hire the right employees as a startup. Your employees will be working closely with you, so it’s important to hire individuals who share your vision and are like-minded.

Summing It Up

In the online food delivery sector, entrepreneurs have lots of opportunities, but they need to consider more factors mentioned in this post, such as delivery providers’ availability, mobile apps platforms, and readymade solutions, in order to gain that all-important edge in the market.

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