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How Apps Make Driving Simpler: 8 Useful Applications for Drivers

We live in a world of apps and digital devices. It seems as if there isn’t anything you can do without the help of an app or device these days. This is especially true when driving, as many drivers are using their smartphones to get directions, find parking lots, and so much more while on the road. A lot of different apps have been created for drivers to make life easier – here are just some must-have driving apps!

1) Waze: 

Waze is a navigation app that has millions of users worldwide who use it daily to get from point A to point B. The map updates in real-time with reports from other users about accidents and hazards along your route. You’ll also be able to see the average time it takes to travel the route in traffic, which can be helpful if you’re trying to plan a trip during rush hour.

Following are the features of this app:

  • Users can report accidents and hazards along the route.
  • Map updates with real-time reports from other users about accidents and hazards.
  • Average speed of driving on certain routes will also show up on the map .

2) Car Bridge:

Quintessential Apps for Every Type of Car Enthusiast

Car bridge helps you connect your smartphone to the car dashboard so that you can easily access your phone without taking your hands off the steering. There are several features packed in https://carbridgeapp.com app, such as:

  • It displays any app on the car’s dashboard with its original layout, as you see on the phone.
  • It lets you take the full power of your smart phone’s apps without any limitations and helps you use them safely while driving.
  • It allows you to view and handle your phone from your dashboard’s touch screen without a need to pick up your phone.

3) Smart Dash Cam:

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro – 70mai

It is an app that records the drive and automatically saves it to a cloud. It has some safety features, which include:

  • Video footage stored on the server instead of your device, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space or battery life with recording.
  • Dash cam mode turns off when driving in reverse.
  • Alerts for any accidents if they happen while driving.

This will work best with dash cams installed in cars. But even without one, this can be highly beneficial as long as drivers know how not to depend on them too much. You should always be attentive and aware of anything happening around you when driving, no matter what apps are being used to do other tasks.

4) Just Park:

Justification for imposing parking fees at schools 'an insult' to teachers:  MP Seah Kian Peng - TODAY

Drivers can get frustrated when they’re driving around in circles looking for a parking space. This application will not only find you the closest available spot but also offers an estimated time to arrival based on your route and traffic conditions at this moment. It is effortless to use as it just requires the input of your desired destination and then sets off with directions that include recommended streets or neighbor hoods where there are open spots for cars. You just need to drive into one of the locations highlighted by the app. The best part about using Just Park is that it tells you how many adjacent spaces are vacant, so if someone is waiting behind you, you know whether or not it’s worth trying their luck too!

5) PlugShare:

PlugShare is an app that helps drivers with their electric vehicle charging needs. It makes it easy to find and use EV chargers by opening up a map of all available stations, which you can filter down according to your driving distance or type (such as public charger, workplace station, Tesla supercharger). The app also lets users review the experience they had using each station so that others know what to expect when they visit in person!

It’s important for drivers installing new apps to make sure there are reviews from other people who have used them before downloading anything too. That way, you’ll see if any known issues exist before hitting “accept” on the download prompt.

6) MileIQ:

Microsoft Acquires Mobile Data Labs, The Company Behind Mileage-Tracking  App MileIQ | TechCrunch

MileIQ is a great app for drivers who want to keep track of their mileage. With the MileIQ, they can easily log in and record their daily miles on a map, which automatically calculates things like gas consumption and driving expenses. This is an essential app for any driver who wants to make sure they’re not getting ripped off by calculating how much money they are spending!

This free-to-use service even includes features such as speed alerts and real-time notifications that let you know when you exceed the speed limit or get into accidents. These must-have apps for drivers do not just facilitate the driving experience but also allow them to save some money at the end of each month with this excellent expense tracking tool!

7) CompareChecker Car Insurance:

Want cheaper car insurance? | Cost-cutting tips | Ask the Car Expert

This is a great app for comparing car insurance plans and finding the best deals. The CompareChecker Car Insurance features quotes from reputable providers in your area, which makes it easy to see what each company offers. You can also get alerts on new rates that are happening near you! This is an excellent tool that helps drivers save money when they’re shopping around for their next rate plan. There’s nothing like saving up some cash with this app.

8) GasBuddy:

GasBuddy is a terrific app for drivers who want to know the cheapest gas station in their area. The best part about this app is that it has everything you need to find cheap fuel nearby. Not only will GasBuddy tell you which stations are nearby, but also how low they have prices at any given moment! This is an excellent tool to help drivers save money on gas and get alerts when prices start fluctuating too much. This app helps drivers reduce their expenses while giving them peace of mind with our price tracking notifications! There are two main possible reasons why your engine will emit smoke coming from the oil cap. We’re here to help you figure out the root cause of the problem.


If you are driving a car, it’s best to use apps that make your driving experience much smoother and convenient. Smartphones have made everything easier for drivers, and they only need an internet connection or Wi-Fi! We hope that these apps will be helpful for your next drive.

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