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What makes it easy for Canadians to access content from other countries?

We all love streaming our favorite shows on Netflix and HBO, and Hulu, don’t we? As long as you stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19, streaming your favorite shows online provides an easy and relaxing alternative to cinemas and movie nights with friends amidst the lockdown.  

It may be a World Wide Web, but there are still many reasons companies choose to launch in other countries but not in Canada, and when the content you want to watch isn’t available because of geoblocking, it can be frustrating. The relatively small population of Canada is one apparent reason. And it’s not something the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) controls. While sharing or downloading copyrighted content is not encouraged, digital freedom and privacy are believed in.

A Good VPN will Save you.

But don’t you worry! Canadian Users can still watch their favorite movies and TV shows on popular streaming platforms such as Popcorn Time, HBO max, Disney Plus Hotstar, and others without the authorities tailing them. A good VPN is all that is required. Check out for the best available VPN services for safe access to your favorite shows in Canada.

A VPN can protect your online identity and activity by connecting you to a remote server and altering your IP address to the server. VPN assures that third parties cannot snoop on your browsing activities. A VPN can significantly enhance your onlinedefense and arm against third parties or any intruders who desire to monitor online activity. It hides the IP address and encrypts data, ensuring a user’s safety and anonymity online.

However, a VPN is not only for users who want to stream their favorite content hassling with authorities. It is for the users who want to feel secure when surfing the world wide web while having unlimited access to online content.

For more reasons to subscribe to a VPN service, every internet user needs to have one of these services. It is always recommended to use a VPN, especially in Canada, it not only secures your online activities but also gives you access to any geo-restricted content that Canadians are deprived of. Mentioned below are some of the worldwide popular streaming platforms that are not easily accessible to Canadians. Intrepid Software has also jotted down 4 helpful tools to help you find the best streaming platform amongst the mass.

HBO max in Canada

Unfortunately, HBO max is a luxury only Americans can enjoy freely and legally since you cannot access HBO Max anywhere except the United States. The reason being, HBO Max is geographically limited, which means you have to reside in the US to access the service. If you try to watch HBO Max from Canada, the error will occur on your device screen and mock you with a face telling you it’s not available in your region.

To watch HBO Max in Canada, you are going to need to make yourself look like you are in the US, virtually, and to do that you will need the help of a VPN service. The combination of HBO max with a VPN app would work to get an American IP address and log in to the HBO Max website. This way, you can easily convince HBO Max you are residing in the US while your physical location is somewhere in Canada.

Disney Plus Hotstar in Canada 

Suppose you are a Disney fan and in search of indian movies and shows to watch Disney Plus Hotstar in Canada. In that case, it might be sad news for you that although in Canada Hotstar is available and you can watch your favorite serials anytime. Still, Indian Hotstar content library isn’t accessible in Canada whichhas the vast and best content.

To stream the Indian Disney plus Hotstar in Canada without any geo-restriction, a good VPN can help you! A combination of a VPN with Disney Plus Hotstar will provide access to all the unlimited content at super-fast speeds including the originals.

Watch Popcorn Time with a VPN

In recent years, Popcorn Time has been a favorite user hit because of its digital buffet of films and TV series that users can indulge in for free. This multi-platform, open-source streaming service is the only software that evades spamming and cheap advertising, and this has, in turn, enhanced users’ confidence globally.

However, the majority of the software’s facets remain a mystery. While the software itself is perfectly legal, downloading and storing digital content on your gadget can still get you caught up in copyright issues, especially in Canada. Nobody wants to get into legal trouble just for merely watching their favorite TV shows.

 It is always recommended to use a VPN, especially in Canada, it not only secures your online activities but also gives you access to unlimited content on Popcorn time that Canadians are deprived of. Once a person sorts out a good vpn then he can unveil and try his hands on different streaming secrets.

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