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The Essence of Employee Motivation & How to do It Right

Employee motivation is key to the success of your organization. Research has even shown that motivated employees are highly engaged, and that results in up to 21% improved profitability for your business. Well, demotivated employees tend to be dissatisfied with work and your organization. They will resort to spending quality company time whiling away, hence lowering productivity. That is why it is vital to fully understand the benefits of motivating employees and how best you can do it.

The benefits of motivating your employees

Employee satisfaction

For starters, when you motivate your employees, they feel that their efforts are appreciated. As a result, they will feel that sense of belonging. Most will not leave your organization easily as they are more or less satisfied with their position. Besides, they will put their focus on aligning their personal goals with those of the organization. This will lead to higher performance and productivity for the benefit of your organization.

Focused employees

Again, when you motivate your employees, they will commit their energy and time towards achieving the goals of your organization. Since you will reward excellent performance, they will be focused to see that their performance peaks. Consequently, you will record high productivity in your organization.

Employee personal development

The employees in your organization will be inclined towards realizing their personal goals. Yes, when you motivate them, they are persuaded to focus on their individual employee growth. This means that you will have professionals who have grown in the career, working for your organization. As a result, you will not need to look elsewhere for experienced staff to hire.

Organizational efficiency

Motivating your employees will change their attitude towards work and your organization for the better. As a result, there will be a favorable attitude that will lead your business to thrive and to record high profits.

Loyal workforce

There is no doubt that a workforce that is motivated well is a loyal workforce. When you duly motivate your employees, they will have high levels of morale and commitment towards your business organization and the goals and objectives of your business. This contributes to low employee turnover and, therefore, no need for constant induction of new employees that you have to invest in.

An evolving workforce

The business environment in which you have established your business is bound to change. To react to the new changes with ease, and to continue with the smooth functioning of your organization requires great loyalty and commitment of your employees. It helps reduce resistance to the changes that the organization intends to make. In the end, this contributes to efficiency.

Best ways to motivate your employees

Now that the benefits of motivating your employees are clear, it is crucial to understand the right ways by which you can motivate them. Here are some ways to start doing it right:

Create a good working environment

Creating a great and comfortable working environment is one way in which you can motivate your employees. For example, you can hire a chef to prepare meals for your workers. Hence they will not have to worry about how they will feed themselves at breaks.

You can also offer them a gym membership. This shows that you care about their health and wellness. Besides, you can choose to allow meetings in other places of their choice other than the office, where your employees feel comfortable.

In a nutshell, the subtle acts that you do to show that you care and to make your employees more comfortable are great motivators.

Improved employee onboarding

Employee onboarding is a critical stage of inducting employees into your organization. It is during then you get to engage your employees, understand their personalities, personal goals, and also their ambitions. Also, it is during the employee onboarding process when you get to explain the purposes of your organization to your employees.

It is advisable to make employee onboarding a great experience by explaining the benefits of working for your business organization to your employees. Point out how working for your organization will help them grow and achieve their personal goals. You can choose to take them out on a trip and discuss your business organization from a more comfortable place away from your workplace. Proper onboarding will help your employee to be clear and settled to work for your organization hence lowering costly turnovers.

Be an ethical manager.

To motivate your employees, you should uphold work ethics. It is essential to treat each of them fairly without discrimination. Besides, you should uphold the virtues of honesty, respect, and unequivocal support to all of them so that they feel they belong to the organization. For example, if an employee comes up to you asking for leave to take care of their loved one, it is important to show your humanity and compassion. Grant them permission and the time they need to be away. That way, they will know they have a good boss who understands them, and they will want to stay and be productive in your organization.

Final word

Always remember that employees form the backbone of your organization. They can determine the success or failure of your business organization. So, it is essential to find ways to keep them motivated continually, and you are bound to reap the benefits!

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