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What Is Engagement Marketing? A Simple Guide to Customer Engagement

90% of marketing experts agree that personalization is directly correlated to profitability.

Engagement marketing is something every business can do to generate more revenue and secure new leads. To have a leg up on the competition and keep a loyal, engaged audience, your marketing techniques must utilize the strength of this following.

Not sure how to get started? Are you wondering what does engagement mean in marketing?

We’ll walk you through why customer engagement marketing is essential and how it can boost not only your sales but also your relationship with the consumers. Let’s get started.

What Is Customer Engagement Marketing?

At its core, engagement marketing exists to make two groups of people feel important: potential customers and previous customers. Customers who have a positive and personalized experience are much more likely to purchase from you and share your products with friends and other potential customers.

61% of consumers expect brands to create experiences based on their preferences, so brands need to deliver on those expectations and outshine the competition.

We have some tips to get you started on managing a multi-channeled approach to customer engagement marketing. For more ideas and expert knowledge on the digital experience for consumers, check out this digital customer engagement guide.

Methods of Engagement Marketing

There are a few ways to integrate engagement marketing into your daily marketing activities. You might be surprised to learn that with some minor tweaks, these strategies will enhance your other marketing techniques.

Email Marketing

Although it can feel a bit old school, email marketing is still the backbone of many digital marketing campaigns, and it’s for a good reason. Fewer emails of higher quality are exciting and engaging for recruiting new customers and reconnecting with old customers.

When a new customer signs up for notifications, send them a welcome email. When their product ships and gets delivered, send emails. When new products launch or you’re in need of feedback on a previous purchase, send an email and include a coupon code.

Emails can captivate your customer for a few moments before they navigate away. Keep them engaged with a witty subject line and on-brand graphics.

While email marketing is the backbone of engagement marketing, email addresses are the backbone of email marketing. Always think of new methods to collect emails without seeming needy. Run surveys, competitions, and quizzes to get new email addresses.

Push Notifications

A recent trend in consumer engagement marketing: push notifications pop into your customers’ daily online life and alert them to something new you’re doing. These are a very effective way to engage directly with customers.

After users spend some time on your site, insert a pop-up box that asks them to enable push notifications. With one click, you have access to an entirely new marketing channel.

One on One Chats

Need help selecting a product? A mix of chatbots and customer service representatives can give your potential consumers an extra layer of customer engagement.

In addition to helping with orders, these chat boxes can connect your consumers to the right product or give them advice on how to use a product.

These can be especially useful in industries where consumers might not have a lot of experience. In skincare, for example, it can be hard to develop a routine that meets your goals without any knowledge of products or ingredients. With a one on one chat, you can help consumers craft a personalized skincare plan and direct them through the purchasing process.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Customers are much more likely to purchase from you if they have a discount code. In addition to including these in other marketing techniques, put them right on your website.

Utilize a popup banner when customers have spent a certain amount of time on your site and ask them to spin a wheel or make a selection. They’ll automatically get an individualized result and code to use.

Keeping it light, fun, and giving them a great deal is the best way to keep consumers coming back to your site.

Measuring Consumer Engagement

To make sure your efforts have a positive effect on your customer base, it’s important to keep track of a few metrics. Here we’ll discuss which metrics to look at and how they can inform future marketing decisions.

Open and Click Rates

Email marketing has quite a few metrics that can indicate the performance of a particular campaign. Keep a close eye on open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe. These will tell you how engaging your content was.

Target Demographics

To have an effective multi-channeled marketing strategy, it’s important to know who your audience is. Analyze purchasing patterns and digital footprints to help develop personas for each group of customers.

What type of customer is more likely to set up a subscription with your products? Which consumers are finding your site on social media? Use this data to inform consumer engagement strategies.

Active Users

How many people log into your site or use your service each month? Monthly active users can be a huge asset in strengthening your customer engagement strategies because it gives you an idea of how many people value your products.

Activity Time

How long are people on your site? Do they linger for a bit, add to cart, and then bail? Go through your site from the perspective of a user and try to identify the reasons they’d navigate off of your site.

On the flip side, if they spend a lot of time on your site, it’s clear you have a valuable service.

Get to It!

Engagement marketing isn’t entirely a new concept; just the way we go about it is new. Since the start of business, smart owners have known that while it takes some extra effort, connecting with your consumers is the best way to spread awareness of your products and solidify your brand in the space of your industry.

With these tips, you’ll drive more traffic and purchases to your site in no time. For more on marketing strategies and smart business, check out the rest of the blog.

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