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Why Managed IT Makes A Smart Approach During COVID-19 Crisis

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. As countries around the world have imposed mandatory lockdowns, businesses have been forced to move to the remote working model. Managing teams that work from home takes a lot of work, considering that most of the organizations and employees may have never worked this way before. Besides the challenges of remote productivity, there are also concerns related to technology transition and its cost.

And this is something that you cannot ignore because working remotely is not possible unless you have proper IT infrastructure in place. So how do you get started? In this context, more and more businesses are adopting managed IT services to look after their IT needs in these circumstances. Let us explain how and why adopting this model emerges as the best approach during the COVID-19 crisis.

Cost-savings for businesses

Since a majority of organizations are struggling with the economic impact of lockdowns, saving money is the prime concern. This is exactly what they can do by availing the services of a managed IT provider. Understandably, getting a subscription-based service is much cheaper as compared to hiring a team of IT professionals to look after your needs. Moreover, your needs will probably have increased, as people working remotely require support and troubleshooting from time to time. It does not make sense to onboard people in your IT team or have a new team for your organization right now. Rather, you can partner with a managed provider for only a fraction of the cost. Cost savings matter a lot right now and will also be important after the crisis is over.

Remote access is not a problem

When you have an in-house team handling your IT needs, employees are used to getting on-site support. But with COVID-19, the switch has been sudden and remote is the only way things are working. In fact, this is something that you can expect for a long time. There is no clear consensus on how long the problem will last and how soon businesses will be back to work in physical offices. Obviously, you need to have a plan in place to ensure that your business and employees are prepared for the worst. Collaboration with a managed service provider gives you peace of mind that remote access will not be a problem, no matter how long the crisis lasts.

Comprehensive coverage

Another reason why choosing to work with a managed service provider right now makes a sensible approach is that they give you comprehensive coverage. Right now, you will need the right kind of systems in place to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees working remotely. With an MSP, you can rest assured about the right managed IT infrastructure and systems in place. Beyond just ensuring that your business becomes operations, they also handle aspects such as upkeep, security, and maintenance of these systems. So you can rest assured about smooth running, even with a team that is not tech-savvy enough to handle the IT issues.

A new business opportunity

Though the coronavirus crisis is bad news for the global economy, there is also a silver lining for businesses. If you embrace managed IT services at this stage, you will probably have a new business opportunity even when things get back to normal. Once you get used to the concept of outsourcing IT services, you will surely realize its benefits over using the conventional approach of having an in-house IT team. Businesses are likely to adopt this model in the long run, even when they resume working from the office. Additionally, remote support always makes a smart approach, considering that a part of the team works remotely for almost all businesses.

Social distancing will be a norm in the future as well

The COVID 19 crisis has made it clear that the world will never be the same, not at least until there is a vaccine available. So you can expect social distancing rules in the future as well. Expanding your team will put your employees at risk of infection. Having a remote IT support team obviously makes sense because it means fewer people in the office, which translates into a smaller infection risk. Embracing the managed service model will, therefore, make your business future-ready as well.

Seeing the extensive benefits of managed IT services in the current crisis situation, it definitely becomes a wise decision for businesses of all sizes and across all domains. The best part is that it has the potential to support you in the present and make you better in the future.

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