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Getting to Know the Working Generation: 5 Things Millennials Are Looking for at Work

Companies that want to harness the innovation and creativity that millennials offer the workplace, need to offer a working environment that will appeal to their generation.

By 2020, millennials will account for 40% of the workforce. Understanding what this important demographic wants will be essential for recruiting the top minds in any field. These are the five things that millennials are looking for in the workplace.

A Company with a Positive Social Impact

A Deloitte survey confirmed that 76% of millennials see business as an opportunity to have a positive social impact. For millennials, having a positive impact within the company is not enough, the company must be having a positive impact on the global or local community as well.

You can improve your company’s brand by coming up with a mission statement for how your business intends to change the industry or the community for the better. This mission statement will appeal to the millennial workforce and boost recruitment initiatives.

Flexible Working Hours

Companies that attract the best millennial talent understand that their employees have lives too. Sometimes employees need to visit the dentist, waiting for a sofa delivery, or get their internet installed at home. Millennials don’t expect to have to use paid time off for these tasks.

Flexible working hours which allow employees the opportunity to work remotely or start work later in exchange for starting earlier on another work day are key to attracting millennial talent. Millennials understand that the internet has granted companies extensive freedoms. Employees no longer have to be stuck in the office. The working culture within the company should reflect these modern freedoms.

A Collaborative and Innovative Working Culture

Millennials are not motivated by money. In fact, most say they would happily take a pay cut to work in a company with a positive working culture where team members collaborated on innovative projects.

Foster a strong community spirit and let employees come together in creative and innovative ways to appeal to millennial workers.


Millennials know that working long hours doesn’t mean better results. Productivity is crucial to millennials, driven by a host of articles and literature touting a “work harder, not longer” mentality.

As a result, any software or tech solutions that can make your company more efficient and your workers more productive should be embraced, particularly if you want to attract millennial workers. Software solutions like Synerion can help boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace and are a good place to start.

A Company-Wide Commitment to Employee Success 

Millennials want to constantly be moving. They are not satisfied with working the same job and taking home the same paycheck every month. If they feel like they are not moving in an upward direction, they do not feel valued or successful.

Millennials expect a company to be interested in their personal success. That means providing sufficient training, clear goals, and ample opportunities for professional development. Simply pointing an employee in the direction of their computer and letting them “get the hang of it” as they go is not good enough.

Ensure your company has a thorough onboarding process, clearly defined goals and objectives, and well-publicised opportunities for career development to attract the top millennial talent.


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