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Remotely activate cell phone microphone with TOS Mic bug App

Remotely activation of smartphone’s microphone never happened by just pulling up your sleeves. You have to need an assistant to fulfill your objective. Phones are one of the well-known technological creatures these days. So, everyone owned these days’ cell phone gadgets running with plenty of OS such as Android, IOS and windows. The use of contemporary phones has become quite necessary over the last two decades. No matter what type of hectic situations you are running with, it will help you out to contact the people that can help you out in difficult times.

People have become dependent on modern technology in the shape of cell phones. They use these cell phone gadgets back and forth for so many reasons such s making calls, text messages, shared media such as photos and videos and plenty of other activities when connected to the internet. So, there are thousands of people that really want to track the voice activities of someone for so many odd reasons.

Why someone need to activate a microphone remotely?

Obviously, the intentions can be different for people that really want to remotely activate the MIC of the target phone remotely with the help of the TheOneSpy MIC bug app. They may want to record and listen to the surround sounds and conversations happen on the phone and as well as in the surroundings of the phone. The intention is to listen to the hidden conversations and to get to know the activities of the target user. No matter what are the intentions would be, let’s discuss how you can activate the MIC of the cell phone remotely by using the TOS MIC bug software.

how to turn on a cell phone microphone remotely?

Steps you need to follow to get the job done

Step 1

Install TOS cell phone spying software

Initially, the very first thing you need to do is to install the TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software on your phone. But you have to subscribe to the spyware for cell phones and once you have done with it you will get credentials through email. Once you have it, install the spy app for phones and then activate it on the target phone. Remember, all this can possible if you have physical access to the target smartphone. While activation, you will have the option that, either you want to do the job secretly or not. Now it is time to move towards the second step which is the most important one among all.

Step 2

Visit TOS Features

Now get access to the online control panel of the cell phone surveillance app with the help of given credentials in the email. Once you have the access to the web portal you will see the phone bugging tool. Go into it and use TOS MIC bug spyware in order to activate the MIC of your target smartphone in order to hack it for listening to surround sounds and conversations along with the complete time stamp.

Step 3

Send command on Target phone

Now you are free to remotely activate the microphone of your target phone, but you have to send a command on the phone to hack the mic of the smartphone. Now send the command and once the command has received to the phone, it will start doing its job. You can remotely hack the smartphone’s microphone to listen and record the surround sounds and conversations happen on the phone and in the surroundings. You can record all the stuff from 1 minute to 15 minutes and the user are free to send multiple or back to back commands on the phone to activate the target smartphone’s microphone remotely.

Step 4

Precautions for hacking microphones remotely

The internet on your target device should be stable and in case of having limited connectivity, the commands sent by the user would stay on pending. You will not get the results that you are looking for at the moment and you may think there is an issue in the software.

Step 5  


You need to know initially that your target cell phone is compatible with the MIC bug surveillance software are not. If is it so, then you can do the job effectively.


BlurSpy app is the best and ultimate tool for remotely hacking the microphone of the target smartphone. It will provide you the results that you cannot imagine.

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