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8 Chat Apps to Use for Fast Communication

instant. Every one of us is connected to the Internet even when we are on the go. Using an Instant Messenger app is much convenient. The communication is speedy and you also get to know if the beneficiary received your message or not.

No wonder you are here to learn about the best chats to make communication easy. Let’s explore the list so that you can try and test the apps and convince your friends to download them as well.

1: WhatsApp

Who doesn’t know about WhatsApp! This popular messenger app is everyone’s go-to app to send and receive messages. It includes voice and video chats, group chats, and text messages. You can also share multimedia files like videos, gifs, photos, documents, URLs of YouTube videos, and blogs. You can also search for the multimedia files shared with your contacts.

A month ago, I sent a blog about Spectrum deals to my sister. To find that blog, I simply have to open the chat, click on the hamburger menu on the top-right, and tap search. Then, I just have to type the keyword and the previous messages will appear!

2: Viber Messenger

Before the world of IM messages was dominated by WhatsApp, there existed Viber. Some people still prefer using it because of its cool features. These include group chats, video chats, calls, messages, stickers, word news, and a few more. Viber also boasts self-destructive chat, so if privacy is your concern, this is a must-have app.

Viber is a little heavy when it comes to size. Also, this app is highly popular outside the United States.

3: Signal

Speaking of privacy, some of us have been extra concerned about the privacy of our chats lately. If that’s you, Signal is for you. It’s highly encrypted (256-bit symmetrical AES and 2048-bit RSA encryption). These encryptions make it one of the most secure messaging apps out there.

Signal is just like WhatsApp but better because it’s safe. It also boasts cross-platform support. Amidst the WhatsApp privacy policy controversy in 2021, Signal’s popularity increased quickly.

This private messenger app can save you lots of space as well. Plus, it’s completely free.

4: Skype

It’s one of the most recognized messenger apps out there. It’s being used for business and personal communication throughout the world.

Skype, as we all know, supports text chat, video call, and voice call. You can also add other members in the call. With Skype, you can call people on their phone by paying a nominal fee.

Cross-platform support, group chats, sharing multimedia, etc. are some of its standard features. Skype itself is free but in-app purchases are available.

5: Slack

Slack is best for business communication and project management. The interface is clean and professional. You can create groups and channels, use third-party apps such as Asana, Google Drive, and Giphy for fun and boost productivity.

You can also join multiple Slack servers. It gives you a discord-like feel but everything looks professional. Although Slack is free and has no in-app purchases, for larger teams, you will likely need more features so getting a subscription makes sense. It costs between $6.67 and $12.50 per user.

6: Kik

This popular messenger app lets you choose a screen name rather than using your real name or phone number. This unique quality gives it an old-school feeling.  Kik is famous among casual mobile gamers or people who don’t mind random chatting.

It supports group chats, emojis, stickers, themes, video chats, and a lot more. In-app purchases are also available.

7: Discord

If you know any gamer, you must have heard them talk about Discord. The app offers cross-platform support so you can use it on your PC or mobile phone.

Discord features multiple text chats, voice chat, GIF support, and more. People using Discord can create their own servers. Others can join the servers as well. Although most people use Discord for gaming, organizations use it for communication as well. It’s free for everyone to use. If you would like to use its advanced features, get a subscription. It costs $9.99 per month.

8: WeChat

WeChat was created in China in 2011 and now it’s a worldwide sensation. You may call it WhatsApp contender. Its voice calling feature is highly intriguing. You will feel as if you are using a walkie-talkie. You start a voice message by simply pressing a catch. The app records the message and sends it to the beneficiary.

Getting started with WeChat is very uses your phone number to sign up for the account and then you are ready to use this free app for video and voice calling. It’s used as an alternative to WhatsApp in some countries because of speedy communication.

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