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7 Reasons Why You Need to Download NYC Parking Apps

Over 8 million people live in New York City. That number, for the first time in a while, dropped off noticeably amidst the most recent US census.


There’s a lot of speculation to that question. We’re willing to bet though that some people’s reasons for leaving included the abysmal driving conditions in the city. Particularity when it comes to parking.

If you’re struggling to park in NYC (and who isn’t) we recommend taking a break from the road rage and instead, doing something productive. Our tip? Pick up any one of the NYC parking apps out there and see how much easier your life gets.

For those of you that aren’t sold on NYC parking apps or aren’t sure what they are, keep reading. Below, we break down key reasons why you absolutely need an app-based parking helper in your life.

1. Parking in NYC Is Impossible

We said it once and we’ll say it again. There are 8 million people in NYC. Many of them have cars and are all competing for real estate amidst New York’s abysmal square footage.

For those of you that are used to living in big, west coast cities or cities in the central US, that is not New York City. Old, east coast cities were among the first planned and built in the country, and as such, they’re ill-prepared for the massive populations they harbor.

All of that to say that finding consistent parking in NYC, particularly if you’re visiting a new place, is near impossible. NYC parking apps take the guesswork out of the finding parking equation and will make the prospect of parking possible again.

2. Cops Are Ruthless About Tickets

You may be telling yourself that parking in NYC is easy if you don’t mind pulling up to that yellow bit of curb or that area where street signs say you can’t park for a couple of hours. After all, what are the odds the cops are going to bust you? You’ll only be gone for 30 minutes.

Let us be clear, the odds of cops busting you for parking violations are high in NYC. As a matter of fact, NYC issues 11 million parking tickets per year.

NYC parking apps guide you to the closet, legal parking so you can keep that ticket money in your pocket.

3. Apps Are Free

If your holdup on adopting NYC parking apps is cost, stop worrying. The best NYC parking apps are either 100% free or dirt cheap.

Apps tend to be subsidized by advertisers which means that their functionality won’t cost you anything so long as you’re willing to deal with the occasional ad disruption.

Do ads annoy you? No problem. Pay an extra fee and get rid of them.

The bottom line is whatever your budget/preferences are, NYC parking apps have you covered.

4. They’re Compatible With All Major Smartphones

Parking apps don’t care if you’re an iPhone user or an Android user. Our team has looked into NYC free parking apps on both platforms and we can confidently say that you have fantastic options on either one.

Simply throw “parking meter app” and “New York” into your app store’s search bar and try well-reviewed options that pop up!

5. You’ll Save Money

Whether you’re looking for an open meter or a garage, prices are going to vary from area to area in the city. The great news is that NYC parking apps realize these variances and many let you know not only where you can park but where you can park for the best price.

That quick comparison can net you, over the course of the year, hundreds of dollars in parking savings. It’ll almost be like your NYC parking app is paying you to let it make your life easier.

6. Meters and Garages Are Shown

We touched on this in our last point but we want to make this clear as day for you variety lovers. The best apps we’ve tried aren’t exclusive to showing you where to find empty meters or where parking garages are. The best apps offer you a medley of options across both parking possibilities.

That diversity of integration has made it so drivers always have ample parking choices no matter where they’re at. And if you’re partial to one mode of parking over another, feel free to filter by your preference so you can zero in on open, secure garages as opposed to being bogged down by hundreds of meters you’re not interested in using.

7. Because You Deserve a Break

Life is hard as it is. Why make it harder?

At the end of the day, NYC parking apps are free tools you can throw on your smartphone today that’ll save you time, stress, and money parking around the city. With a value proposition like that, it’s a wonder why you haven’t downloaded one already!

NYC Parking Apps Are Available for Download Now

We’ve walked you through NYC parking apps, what they do, and why you shouldn’t be driving around the city without their help. We’re hopeful that the case we’ve built compels you to stop reading this post, hop on your app store, and download an app that seems promising.

Our team is confident that after using an NYC parking assistant for a couple of weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever managed parking in the city without one.

Are you looking for more guidance on how to get the most out of your use of technology, modes of marketing, or business? If you are, we welcome you to explore more of the newest content we have available on our blog.

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