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Top 6 Affiliate Tracking Software Options to Consider

One of the preferred and most common ways to selling an item online is via affiliate marketing programs. But how to effectively do it? Or what is the effective way to promote your products?

One of the most efficient ways to expose your products and services is by attracting new prospects and leads to your affiliate program. Importantly, you will be paying your affiliates to assist you in selling your products and services online and they get their commissions only when they make a genuine sale.

 What is affiliate tracking software?

Affiliate software will help in managing your affiliate program efficiently. Right from receiving applications of new affiliates and providing them with their respective coded links to providing them access to all the marketing stuff, an affiliate tracking software can efficiently handle all of this. Your affiliates can see the traffic they made and the income they have earned through the sales they made through this software.

And you, as the campaign owner, can see the outcome of all your affiliates, higher new ones, and make payments to the existing affiliates. Currently, there are some big affiliate networks that can efficiently do this but the only thing that you need to take into consideration is that none of them are free. Affiliate networks charge a certain amount of percentage of sales along with a monthly subscription fee. But trust me,  setting up your own affiliate network is comparatively economical.

 Top 10 options to consider  for affiliate tracking software

The below-mentioned options are not in any specific order. What makes them different is that whether the software is subscription-based or a self-hosted one. What is to believe is that the software subscriptions are more comfortable but at the same time, they can be a bit costly.

Some software usually base their pricing on the number of affiliates, the amount of traffic, etc. are generated. So ensure to cross check the details with whoever you are purchasing the software from.

  1. iDevAffiliate Marketing Platform

iDevAffiliate is one of the most known and preferred affiliate software programs in the market right now. Their prices are comparatively low with an option to add more functionalities with the set of modules. This software is simple to install and easy to learn.

— Number of affiliates permitted: Unlimited

— Subscription fee: $30 – $60 per month (4 options available)

— Self-hosted out-right purchase options: $150 – $400 one time purchase (4 options

— Expandable with extra modules: Blends with nearly 70 shopping carts and that includes BigCommerce too, 8 WordPress plugins, 14 shopping cart systems with inbuilt coupon code commissioning, and 6 automated billing systems.

— Available add-ons: Secure signup, SEO links, vanity coupon code, affiliate training videos.

— Multilingual support: It is available but as an add-on. Apart from the basic language English, you can also receive Italian, French, German, and Portuguese.

  1. Post Affiliate Pro Marketing Platform

This one is a robust affiliate management tool. Post Affiliate Pro provides customizable, tiered, and recurring revenue for affiliates and the choice for self-hosted or subscription based software.

— Number of affiliates permitted: Unlimited

— Subscription fee: $30 – $ 100 (Based on what you plan you choose)

— Self-hosted out-right purchase options: $199 – $1900. It is a one-time fee depending on the package. Also, the package offers one year of updates.

— Expandable with extra modules/plugins: Google Maps, Adobe Business Catalyst, Google Gears, AlertPay, QuickBooks, Google Checkout, and 85+ more.

— Multilingual support: Yes. Nearly 30 languages available.

— Mobile access: Available both on iOS and Android.

  1. Jrox.com Affiliate Manager

This software is definitely one of the most cost-affordable options that are available in the market. Jrox Affiliate Manager is a robust affiliate tracking software. You can also choose not to pay a subscription fee to the developer by installing the affiliate program in your hosting space.

Just to be sure, you can also try and test the software with a free version that the software offers. But it provides only 50 affiliates. Later, if you wish to utilize more affiliates then you will be asked to purchase a license.

— Number of affiliates permitted: Unlimited

— Subscription fee: Not provided

— Self-hosted out-right purchase option: $179. It is a one-time fee.

— Expandable with extra modules/plugins: The software is complete.

— Multilingual support: Not noted

— Recurring commissions: Yes

  1. OmniStar Affiliate Software

OmniStar offers a premium subscription model with rational limitations. The software mainly focuses on SEO links and enhancing search clearness by means of affiliate links.

— Number of affiliates permitted: Minimum 200 – Unlimited (It depends on package)

— Subscription fee: $48 – $298 (There are 5 subscription packages available)

— Self-hosted out-right purchase option: Not available

— Expandable with extra modules/plugins: Improved functionality is available via expensive packages.

— Multilingual support: You can easily translate by changing the file. However, there is no support that comes with the purchase.

— Recurring commissions: Not noted.

  1. Affiliate Shop Software

Affiliate shop provides great options and features that you require for all packages. The first and the main difference he is the promotion or affiliate program listing in other directories.  However, this option is not available for the basic packages.

The number of shopping cart integration options is greater than provided the other software businesses.

— Number of affiliates permitted: Unlimited

— Subscription fee: $45 — $120. Along with that, setup fee of $25 is added on all subscription packages.Shopping carts integration and credit card processors are not chargeable. No charges of the transaction for sales.

— Expandable with extra modules/plugins: The software integrates with nearly 90 shopping carts and that includes PayPal, BigCommerce, etc.

— Multilingual support: Not noted.

— Recurring commissions: Not noted.

  1. ClickInc Affiliate Software

ClickInc affiliate software provides a focus on SEO friendly links. Instead of utilizing a coded link, it uses a “Trulink” format that assists SEO by direct linking to your sales pages.

— Number of affiliates permitted: Unlimited

— Subscription fee: $25 – $149

— Expandable with extra modules/plugins: The software integrates with all major shopping carts such as PayPal.

— Multilingual support: Not noted.

— Recurring commissions: Not noted.

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