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Let These Tips Guide You in Starting a Blog

Blogging on the Internet is here to stay, and it keeps gaining more popularity. 2020 isn’t seeing blogging slow down, and more people are instead turning to this form of using the Internet.

There are a few things you can do to enable you to start and sustain your blog easily. Most importantly, apps make the entire process a lot easier for you. The benefits of using apps for blogging are immense. That said, let’s start with the following tips:

Steps to Owning Your Blog

The most crucial step is choosing a blogging platform. When you have a platform, each of these steps will guide you towards making the best of your new blog.

1. Pick a Suitable Name for Your Blog

Blog names are not always straightforward, and pickings a good one can prove time-consuming. It’s crucial to consider what your focus would be-passion, life experience, and more.

2. Registering Your Blog

Usually, the next requirements are selecting a hosting plan, creating a domain name, and add your e-mail address. These are essential requirements for registering your blog.

3. Customizing Your Pages

Customizing your pages allows you to choose from various templates of themes that fit the intent of your blog. There is no need to be afraid here because your readers will find it customized templates fascinating.

4. Start Blogging

It’s the right time to start sharing your knowledge in the blog. Be determined to create quality content that your readers will enjoy and avoid mediocrity. Build your blog and pay attention to SEO.

5. Share Your Blog Posts

Promoting your blog is an excellent way of getting visitors. If you’re running a business blog, promotions will help you make money from your blog faster. Share your blog links on social media, to family and friends, to e-mail lists. Connecting with new people who have similar interests in various social media is equally essential.

Should You Blog for Fun or Money?

The good thing with blogs is the ability to make money even when you don’t sell a product. Advertising your goods in your blog is a way of monetizing it. Other approaches involve the sale of advertising spaces using Adsense, affiliate marketing, or posting reviews for others.

But the success of your blog isn’t measured by how much it’s making for you. Your blogging goals measure your blog’s success. If gaining publicity and building a name for yourself is your intention, then you can be a successful blogger without making money. Providing knowledge could be your only goal. However, it’s entirely your choice why you want to blog for money or fun.

Rare Tips You Should Learn As a New Blogger

These tips can help your blog grow faster.

· Listen to Your Audience

Interact with your audience, especially on social media, to understand their needs. Imagine running a fashion blog, and most of your audience is complaining about a lack of time to shop for their clothes. Your next blog post should teach them how to buy from their convenience, using apps.

· Build an E-mail List

Get people to subscribe to your content by entering their e-mail address. It’s an excellent way of directly promoting subsequent content. A realistic approach is including a call-to-action message in your blog posts. Don’t expect your readers should know what to do. Guide your reader to doing what you want.

· Offer Freebies

It doesn’t mean sharing money on your blog. Give out some valuable content to your readers for free and never try to hide any useful information.

· Dwell on Trending Topics and Events

Never make the mistake of getting lazy, and forget you have an audience depending on you for information. Use apps to keep yourself updated on the latest trending news, and never run out of ideas.


Get apps relevant to helping you start and successfully run your blog while achieving your blogging goals. I discovered the Appgrooves website with a collection of the best apps for blogging when I wanted to start my blog website.

Great Apps for Reading Blogs

I’d recommend these apps to anyone who wants to tow the same path.

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