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Build a successful and seamless Instagram ad campaign to grow your audience

Instagram adverts are in bold and linear pattern. They inspire you visually. It starts with Stories ads. You can use them for complementing and enhancing your feed. Use them to connect with millions of accounts.

  • Photo ads perform story-telling through a beautiful, easy and clean creative platter. Your photos can be both panoramic and square.
  • Who can skip video ads? They entail the same compelling and visually stunning quality as picture ads. The additional features are motion, sound, and sight.
  • With the latest update, you can share videos till 120 seconds in both the formats.
  • Carousal ads are also very popular as they help in adding more depth and character to your ad campaign. Users can swipe to view extra videos or photos within one ad.
  • IG’s explore section also carries ads. You can reach those in an exploring mood by stretching your feed ads to people, who are ready to diversify.
  • Diversification means expansion of interest or purchases beyond the daily accounts they engage with.
  • You can use collection for visual inspiration, propelling your followers to find out, navigate through and buy products.
  • The best part is integrating a story and telling it in compliance with lifestyle or specific product.
  • You can do it with photos, videos, or both.

Building a campaign

First, you need to identify the posts that draw the maximum engagement. As you spot your top content, you amplify the existing ones. There’s no space for guesswork pertaining to the kind of content your followers want to see.

  • Use Instagram Insights to check all posts. Even if you have hundreds of posts, concentrate on a specific time corridor, and take the posts that draw the maximum traffic.
  • Insights help you record the frequency of such engagements. These are comments, hearts, shares, saves, emails, and website click and profile visits.
  • Next, you need to add all the numbers to know the net engagements per social media post. Even if you buy Instagram views, it would still feature in Insights.
  • Next, recording total impressions is important. It’s imperative to choose and strategize content for your IG ad sequence.
  • There’s no point of converting an old IG post into an advert. Remember that your most popular post might be your new song, and while you’ve scores of music lovers in your account, it may not represent your brand.
  • Hence, you need to choose content that reflects an organic consumer journey.
  • The $5 per day ad sequence focuses on connecting, committing and closing. Content with connectivity is the one that creates engagement, showcases authority, digs deeper into your consumer base, and generates sales.

Running giveaways or contests

Running a giveaway or competition on social media isn’t something new. Contests are a great way to boost engagement because who doesn’t love freebies? However, you don’t really know whether all the endeavors of planning and executing an IG contest can guarantee ROI or not.

  • You need to partner with a brand that already has a big following. Your concord can power your contest directives and invariably boost your IG ads.
  • It’s prudent to run ads when your followers are most active. IG has a stupendous feature called Scheduler, which allows you to post your stuff when the ads surface.
  • This feature comes only with a package. It’s a wonderful way to market your product to the right people at the right time.
  • If you’ve full knowledge of your audience, you can determine this part easily. However, don’t stop experimenting.
  • If you own an online retail business, your vertical will be different than someone who has a car dealership.
  • It’s also crucial to post your Stories daily.

Help from influencers

For those wanting to find the most loyal following for your brand, there are tools to bank on. They help to track your followers’ engagement. You can then add mettle to your ad campaign.

  • It also helps you in monitoring your audience’s location. You can also get a good grasp of general styles, demands and trends.
  • Brands need to filter their customers on the basis of their interests. You can then discover common topics and produce great content.
  • Tools like Crowdfire helps in finding more followers and analyzing them. This app enables you to find new followers with similar or shared interests. You can promote your brand to them.
  • It’s crucial to create a custom landing page. For a seamless reach, it’s a viable idea to have a landing page for your ad campaign.
  • Just ensure it deftly showcases your style of business and branding pertaining to your IG campaign.
  • The closer is your feel, vibe and branding, the more extensive and effective your ad campaign will become.
  • Your audience can see the direct and vivid link to your IG campaign. It becomes easy to put a CTA after this.

Using FB ads to target IG audience

The process of building up your followers is the same as re-targeting them. Your next step is to build a custom audience. You can do it with FB ad manager. Use the Audiences tab for this purpose.

  • After reaching the audience’s screen, tap on the create audience button, and go to custom audience.
  • From the big list, click on engagement. If you add this new feature to your FB ad account, you can find a throng of new options.
  • You have two options in this regard. You can create your custom audience with adherence to your IG business profile engagement or you can do so from the ones who watched your IG videos.
  • You can also include more users in your custom audience. To set up your ads, it’s the same as getting your custom audience.

Consistency of aesthetics

It’s but natural for a brand to exude some flamboyance and show off their manufacturing prowess. You can share a staff’s viewpoint for humanizing your product. It gives a real feeling to your product.

If you want to inspire others with your brand, you can display the achievements, accolades and lifestyle of your consumers/customers. Regardless of the scope or extent of your ad campaign, maintaining consistent visuals and tone is paramount.

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