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5 Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Your company website is your portal to the digital world and when designing a digital platform, there are many aspects to bear in mind. Indeed, some web developers will tell you that a website is never finished and is a work in progress.

Here are a few common web design mistakes that you should avoid:

Not All-Device Compatibility

Many people use their smartphone to surf the web and if your platform is not mobile-friendly, your website will not display correctly on their screen. Tablet use is also popular; make sure that your web developer makes the platform compatible for all devices. If you want to see how the site looks, visit using a range of digital devices and see for yourself the formatting.

Lack Of Content Management

If you are more focused on the design than the actual content, this could lead to a frustrating user experience. If a user can’t find what they are looking for, they are likely to leave and never return. If you want a website that is professional in every sense, talk to a leading web design company Cardiff or your area is offering. These specialists have all the solutions.

Slow Page Loading

If you have a lot of high-resolution images and video on your site, this could lead to slow page loading, especially if you have a lot of content on one page. Images need to be reformatted from original JPEG to PNG, which load much faster due to the smaller file size. People do not like to wait while content loads and most will leave the site without persevering and you are unlikely to see them again. If you don’t have the time to administer the site, your web designer offers webmaster services, which involves updating and adding new content.

Lack Of Web Security

If you run an e-commerce website, for example, your customers expect to see a small padlock icon when they land on your site. Ask your web developer to acquire an SSL Certificate, which is denoted by the ‘s’ in ‘https’ of the URL. The user’s browser will notify them if they land on an unsecure website and many will leave rather than risk having their data hacked. It isn’t expensive to acquire a valid SSL certificate and it needs to be renewed on an annual basis.

Content Errors

If your web content contains grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, this looks very unprofessional; you need to outsource content creation to a professional web content creator, who can create engaging sales copy. If you are unsure about your website and would like a free evaluation, simply contact a leading web design agency and they would be happy to oblige.

Unless you happen to be a web designer, we recommend that you enlist the help of a leading web development agency to create the perfect website and with your input and their skills, your digital platform will be a credit to your organisation.

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