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Impressive Facts and Figures About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is like a forest fire that is spreading quickly, but you can still find parts of the forest that are untouched by it. The difference is that the fire causes harm, while digital marketing brings you profits. If you are in the part of the untouched forest i.e. if you have not yet hired a digital marketing company in India to advertise online, you must take a look at the following statistical data. These results of digital marketing will reveal the amazing possibilities of investing in this important business activity.

Understandably, you are not convinced of the benefits of digital marketing and are happy with the results that you have been getting. The scope of digital marketing is such that you could possibly experience multi-fold growth as compared to the current rate of growth of your business.

Do consider the following data and the results of digital marketing revealed through it before you decide to continue with traditional marketing methods.

  1. Google Ads Double Your Investment

This is also applicable to the ads that reach the people via the Google search engine. These adverts have the scope of getting you many new clients, thus getting you revenue that is double your expense.

  1. Two-Thirds of the Consumers Click on Google Ads When Searching Items to Buy Online

If your target consumer is online and browsing, he is very likely to click on your PPC advertisement while browsing for the related product, providing instant results.

  1. The Most Popular Online Activities Are Social Media and Watching Videos

These platforms provide excellent scope for advertising for the marketers. Social media and ads on video content can be used to increase the reach of your advertisements, giving excellent results on your investment. As per data, 46% of the viewers respond to the CTA buttons after watching the videos. Videos also boast of a long-lasting recall among consumers. Videos are memorable because of its visual characters and users relate themselves more easily with a video instead of text. If you want your users to remember your content you need to create an impressive video that last for a lifetime in their memories.

  1. Digital Ad Spend Across the World Is Growing

It is likely to reach $375.8 billion in the next couple of years. This just proves the growing popularity of digital marketing among the brands. You must also get in touch with a digital marketing company in Chennai soon and grow your business.

  1. Digital Ads Are 20 Times More Effective

If you compare location-specific digital ads to banner ads, they are more effective because they target specific consumers with personalised and relevant content, other than simple banner ads – can create more visual impact and capture more consumer attention.

  1. More Than Half the Smartphone Users Buy New Brands

While browsing for products from their smartphones, consumers find several new brands that fit their requirements and very often purchase them as well.

  1. Very Few Consumers Refer to the Third Page of the Search Results

If you are not in the top search results, you are not likely to be found by the consumers. SEO activity and PPC advertising are effective means to get to the top of the results.

  1. Smartphone Conversion Is on a Warpath

When consumers browse through their smartphones, a large number of them are converted to buyers. This fact emphasises the importance of incorporating mobile advertising in your marketing plan.

  1. Social Media Inspires More Than a Third of Online Shoppers

Online shoppers claim to have been influenced by social media for their choice of products in 37% of the cases. The influencer roles have been shifting from word of mouth and friends & family to online sources. An interesting statistic in this connection is that there are over 3.03 billion active social media users across the world.

  1. Advertising through Messaging apps

Messaging apps like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp have millions of users. So advertising from these platforms is way fruitful than any other mean because of the popularity of these apps the monetization has been introduced on these platforms now, which is a great mean and one of a kind opportunity for any kind of business who is looking for great advertising techniques to earn and grow through these platforms.

  1. PPC Advertising Is Far More Effective Than Organic Search

When you analyse organic traffic as compared to traffic from PPC, you will see that the conversion rates are much higher for PPC as the consumers visiting through the latter are done with the research and are ready to buy. At least half of them are likely to follow up with a business call. Even if there is no conversion, the PPC ads boost the awareness of a brand. When your PPC ads appear at the top of the Google search engine results page, the readers can read about your company, and become familiar with your company.

  1. Digital ad(location specific) are more effective than traditional banner ads(without location)

Location-based online ads are way more effective than banner ads without a location. Every consumer in today’s world wants its ads to be personalized and relevant. And by seeing Ads that are relevant and are of their location can be more impactful and effective. Using location-based online ads can help you improve conversions by bringing more qualified traffic to your site and physical store location.


  1. Video Ads are an effective strategy

If you are not investing in video Ads, then you are surely missing a lot for your business. This is one of the powerful technique to convert your users into potential leads. As you already know the importance of including videos in your business and videos wth Ads can boost your business sales and conversion rate.


The impressive stats of digital marketing stated herein will hopefully inspire you to hire a digital marketing agency in Delhi. Put your money in this very effective marketing tool and you will be able to reap the benefits of the same. These digital marketing statistics will surely convince anyone. Online advertising is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy, So implement it in your strategies.

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