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7 Best Online Fax Service You Can’t Miss in 2020

2020 has brought and necessitated a lot of changes in which people functioned in a work place. It made people realize the power and potential of remote working. It was particularly important in a business that relied heavily upon its office infrastructure.

The real organizational question was, Can you send a fax without a fax machine? If yes, the business was able to function effortlessly. If not, the main functioning of the business and corporation was essentially bottlenecked. This was a wake up call for many business owners who relied upon office infrastructure.

This is where online fax services such as CocoFax saw a great increase in its subscribers. It turned out to be an efficient tool for remote working. Below are some trustworthy and reliable online faxing services: 

1. CocoFax: Best Online Faxing Service

CocoFax is an online faxing platform that is completely hassle-free. Be it Email, Google drive, CocoFax dashboard, smartphone, laptop or any internet compatible device, it is adaptable with all the platforms. 

There are many reasons why CocoFax is the most sought after online fax service. It has the impetus to provide holistic faxing services. The faxing can be done in a very reliable yet remote manner. 

There are many reasons that make CocoFax different and better than other online fax service providers. The below mentioned reasons vouch for the trustworthiness of CocoFax as the most sought after online faxing service:

Cost Efficient Online Fax Solution

In just by a few cents and dollars, most online faxing services can actually impact your finances pejoratively. International fax surcharges can range from 5 cents and can go up to a dollar, but CocoFax allows surcharge less free international faxes. Yes, you read that right!

The subscription of CocoFax offers a plethora of benefits like granting its subscribers a thousand faxes a month. What makes this benefit even better is the fact that the international faxes are included in this.

Therefore, instead of false claims, CocoFax offers what it claims to deliver. 


The mere reason why people opt for fax documents is the fact that they are utterly secure. Considering security and confidentiality of information is a vital variable in case of a fax document, you cannot put that at risk by choosing just the cheapest available option online.

CocoFax, therefore, offers the cover of reliability that you want in secure communication. It doesn’t allow any leakage of information and is very particular about retaining the sanctity and confidentiality of the information shared. 

Faxing via Email

Emails are the most popularly used modes of communication because of the promptness of message delivery not bound by barriers or borders. This is where CocoFax enables its users to use any internet compatible medium to send out a fax through email.

You can use your phone, computer, laptop, tablet and any internet compatible device to send out a fax. Isn’t that effortlessly simple?

CocoFax enables its users to use any popular email domains such as Gmail, outlook, yahoo mail, etc. and compose and send a fax document. What makes this even better is the least amounts of efforts required to do so. Emails are even accessible on our smartphones now, so you can practically send a fax through the palm of your hand.

Notified on Delivery

CocoFax does not leave you in suspense about whether your fax goes through or not. You would not need to call or text the recipient to check about the arrival of the fax. To simplify and make the procedure more information, CocoFax sends delivery notification on successful receipt of the fax.

While all faxes are almost always delivered but you also get a failure notification when a fax does not actually go through. The failure is mostly on account of human errors and  the inactivity of the fax machine.

This is why CocoFax always tries to seek permission to ensure that the details have been properly checked by the user. All this reactiveness and class apart services make CocoFax a leader in the online faxing industry.

2. is a good online faxing alternative. The application boasts of compatibility with computers, desktops and laptops precisely. It is not as versatile and flexible as CocoFax. As smartphones are reliable work modes too, offers serious functional bottlenecks from phones.

So, PC Fax can perform well if you only need to send faxes from desktops, laptops and workstations. 

3. RingCentral

RingCentral is a good competitor for sending and receiving faxes. The application offers very reliable web-based faxing solutions to fax without having a fax machine. The app offers good enough services and has an array of corporate followers. 

4. MetroFax

As an online fax service, Metrofax has been providing reliable faxing services. The application also has a good number of corporate followers and subscribers. It offers seamlessness of web services, but the faxing through the phone part is a little challenging. 

5. FaxBurner

FaxBurner provides a disposable fax number. The fax number is created on requirement and need basis only as and when a fax needs to be sent out. It also does not have many free faxes as compared to other options. 

If you are in regular demand for fax services, the multiplicity of numbers can be rather confusing. 

6. MyFax

MyFax enables its subscribers to send international faxes without heavy surcharge. As far as features and functionalities are concerned, it has the most basic features compared to the other online faxing services. It is not as flexible and organized as other alternatives.

7. PamFax

PamFax is also a very popular online faxing service that allows sending faxes online at reasonable rates. The application is getting recognition from fax users due to its good enough services. It is a good faxing alternative. 


If someone would have asked can you send a fax without a fax machine eons earlier, people would have laughed at the question. But, now, it is not only possible but also very efficient. People are practically wrapping up their fax machines so they can use that space for something better. 

The trust ensured by the users of the application make CocoFax a very trusted, very reliable and very prominent source of sending out faxes online. 

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