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Android or iOS, which is the best platform to develop your App?

App development is one the most common idea you’ve been thinking to level up your business! if you’ve firmed your decision for a mobile application, the first question which pops up is the platform to be chosen.

In the current stage, Android & iOS are the two popular platforms. The greater choice to be made is which platform should be first chosen for the mobile app, however, both have their equal stake in the industry (Android still dominates somehow) but deciding the right one to start with can impact your business to a much greater extent. Here’s a guide to help you through the process-

How to decide which app to be launched, Android,or iOS?

There are various factors which can facilitate you to choose either of the platforms but, the ultimate decision comes down to the following factors

  • Targeted Audience
  • Timeline
  • Desired Features
  • Budget to maintain the application
  • Revenue Goal

There is a significant gap between iOS and Android applications shared revenue. As per the Apple and Google report, App store generates more compared to Google Play Market. Talking about the facts, an average Apple buyer is wealthier than an android one, so the first aspect here is the budget and the kind of audience you’re willing to target.

Perks of Android App Development

Android holds a larger market base, generally, the android customers are citizens of developing nations or the ones with a lower income group. Here are some facts to be considered about an Android User-

  • Most common Android User is 34 or younger
  • 12% of android people are more likely to have an introvert personality
  • Android user median annual income is $37,040

Android is quite a good idea for the global upcoming markets, especially for the ones who average or small income groups. Talking about Play Store, the platform is more competitive than app store. it does mean that you’ll spend more money on app promotion and maintenance if you choose android.

Perks of iOS App Development

In the battle of Android vs iOS, the winner will certainly be the one surviving up to the requirements including the factors like features, security, and most importantly Target Audience. Looking over a few facts, let’s evaluate why iOS is a platform for class, not mass-

  • An iOS user earns 40% more than Android
  • A iOS average user is younger than Android one- most gadget holders ages lie between 18 to 24 years
  • iOS audience user median annual income is $53.251
  • iOS has more women users than Android, from which 27% of them are 35 years old and elder

The development cost involved for iOS is generally more than Android due to which there can always be a monetization strategy included before planning for app development. Well, if you wish to draw revenue out of advertisements inside the app, you probably should be choosing Android, while in case if you like to create a paid app or incorporate in-app purchasing feature, it’s wiser to go with iOS platform.

Why have iOS as the first choice?

Android & iOS is all about the features, the business goals you would like to have and the development timelines you wish to include, here are a few pros of have iOS as you first chose app platform

  • Higher security & better capabilities

iOS is suitable for financial startups and the business working with the client’s data. The platform is highly protected along with being more responsive than the Android ones.

  • Limited Customizations

iOS has strict guidelines and limited development toolset. While they have a few ready-made frameworks which are needed to be purchased.

  • They believe in quality

Well, it takes up to 5 days for an app to clear the regulation of the App Store, there can always be a possibility of rejection if the most little to encounter detail is left for validation or against the prescribed guidelines.

 Why go for Android?

Android leads the market and so it does have a better customer base than the iOS platform, here are some perks of choosing Android-

  • Complete Flexibility

Android is quite flexible in its approach. Both platform require different software engineering capabilities. Android uses open licensing and that’s the reason android app development companies or developers can use crowd-created frameworks and plugins, work over the functionalities, customize UI & UX flexibly and share their new discoveries.

  • Android Dominates the global market

As the platform works well if your product/service is what the customers require. It’s a great idea if you plan to build an MVP and launch a marketing campaign in various regions, Android is quite diverse and thus your reach could be!

Who won the battle?

Well, that’s quite a hard question to ask! The Android app development companies claim to have android as the best platform to offer flexibility and reachability while the companies developing iOS lay down various perks of having the platform at power!

Choosing who could be the winner is all in dependence on the kind of features and the other factors discussed earlier. While having a cross-platform application can also be an option if nothing could be midway in this! Be wiser and choose the best Iphone app developers in California to start with your mobile app development or go for the skilled Android developers in case you wish to choose OS.

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