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Best Computer Applications

Most of us have very few app icons on our PC home screen. One explanation might be that you should not keep too many icons on the desktop. Buy the fact is that most of the times the number of apps in the PC are that much only. Most of the apps among them are the most successful applications which have been in use for a long time and people think that they don’t have many alternatives. Let’s summarize a few of latest fantastic apps which you can use and make your work and life easy.

  1. Shotcut

It is a video editing app which is supported over many platforms and is a free app. The interface is really sleek and wonderful. You can work with numerous panels simultaneously which can be docked amd undocked as per your wish. Drag and drop feature is also there in the app. You can also view the recent files and see search history as well. It supports enormous range of audio and video support and equips you with tools to produce quality videos. The key features are :it includes 4k  resolution support,wide format support and audio-video mixing across all tracks.


It is the app which analyses your disc space for the Windows operating system. It has excellent interface and also supports drag and drop. It uses the Treemap technique to analyse the used space of hard disk. It is quite fast and is portable on all Windows versions.


It is a free remote control software similar to the famous VNC software. It is actually a derivative of VNC. It allows you to see the desktop of a remote computer and you can control the device with local mouse and keyboard as if you are sitting near the system. It supports enhanced browsing,two password mechanism and is supported in Windows,Unix and other environments as well. It can be utilised in distance learning courses and interviews as well to prevent cheating by the student.

  1. Thunderbird

The latest version has been launched recently and it equips emailing with much nedded features like safe and secure and fast as well. It has inbuilt spam filter and quick search. The app basically prevents viruses and stops junk mail. The key features are smart folders,very fast speed and tabbed email.

  1. VirtualDJ

As the name suggests,this app is a audio and video mixer and player. It is similar to a standard DJ setup and allows to control music files on the computer using turntable. This makes the mixing a wonderful experience.

  1. Privacy Eraser

It is an open source app which has been designed to help your system be more secure. It clears the internet browsing history and downloads and also deletes the data which is beyond recovery. It facilitates quick scan,has multi user support and also erases files securely.

  1. SaferPass

Most of us tend to forget our passwords and many times it creates lot of chaos. This app helps you with this problem. It generates strong passwords and also remembers it in case you forget the one.  It backups your passwords and helps you log in automatically. It uses the cryptography technique with salted hashing. Actually you have a master password which guards all your other passwords.

  1. Wise System Monitor

It is a software which helps you keep a check on the hardware status of your computer. It displays the list of real time processes so that you can kill the malfunctioning or non-critical process. It helps you improve your PC speed and provides you a smooth run. The app provides details of the hardware of the system such as CPU load and all other information regarding hard drive,graphics card,network card and SSD. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use.

  1. KCleaner

The latest version of this app has been launched quite recently. The app is mainly used to clean junks and redundant files. It is capable of locating all kinds of jumbles present on your hard drive. It also clears the browser and Windows temporary files and caches as well. You can also specify the type of files you want to delete and they will be securely deleted . It also supports multiple languages and can also work automatically in background.

  1. EarthView

This app has also released its latest version in recent days. It is actually a desktop wallpaper and screen saver system which works dynamically. It displays beautiful views of earth with day amd night shadows. It supports five different views and map and globe views as well. The key features include detailed view of earth,is supported on multiple screens and also shows the weather data.

  1. Miranda

It is an instant messenger but only supported in Windows. The key feature is the multi protocol and its flexibility. It doesn’t require any installation and is extremely fast.

  1. Zune

All of our PC have built-in Windows Media Player. But you still need to have some other app if you are a music lover and have a decent music collection. Zune player is also a Microsoft product which is quite fast and the interface is also quite fantastic. It has Zune Marketplace which is the music library and can be used to store songs beyond our system’s music store. It is a freeware also and a must have app.

  1. Wunderlist

It is quite a stylish list making app. It makes your to do list,plan for things,get the reminders any time and also allows you to share the made lists with your friends,family amd colleagues so that team work becomes quite easier.

  1. CheatBook Database

If you are among the ones who are called to be gamers,this app is for you. The app helps you survive the levels by providing extra weapons,lives and tools as well. It covers more than 21,000 games and contains the lists sorted alphabetically. Each list contains the database which shows relevant cheat tricks for the game and also allows you to print the selected choices .

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