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8 Best Tools To Make Interactive Online Presentations

A presentation offers you the ability to illustrate concepts, share ideas and influence the audience. Entrepreneurs and small business owners often need to present their ideas, pitch proposals to a varying range of audiences. Today, with the advent of latest technologies and the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, more companies are going remotely. Online conferences, meetings and webinars have become a new normal. To achieve business success, it’s imperative that your online presentation is captivating and boosts communication. Whether you’re pitching to a prospect, garnering support for a campaign or building market presence for your brand, your presentation plays a crucial role.

It can be said that there are several distractions while we attend an online meeting. Since presentations are no longer in-person, it is more important for your presentation to be interactive. It is only then you can ensure absolute engagement during your online meetings. Right from creating a presentation structure to PowerPoint template design, every aspect matters. The purpose of your presentation can be learning, promotion or pitching great ideas. To stand out from the rest, you must create an interactive presentation which can woo the audience at a glance. In this post, we will talk about the eight best tools to make interactive online presentations.


Prezi is a popular Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which helps you organize your thoughts and transform them into amazing presentations. Prezi is an innovative solution for online presentations. There are no slides in a Prezi presentation but rather a large canvas. You can zoom in & zoom out at key parts to showcase your content, visuals, data and more. Prezi lets you quickly create out of the box presentations. You can easily drag and drop canvas elements to create amazing timelines, diagrams and presentation flow. You can use in-built templates on Prezi or can also import your custom designs without any hassle.

Prezi supports real-time collaboration. You can create, share and edit presentations with your peers in real-time. Different team members can participate and edit different parts of your presentation, simultaneously. The presentation you create is stored on the cloud. Thus, it can be accessed from anywhere around the world. You can also share the link of your presentation to collaborators and clients for real-time presenting. Business verticals such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Legal etc., can all leverage agility provided by Prezi and create state of the art presentations in no time. The tool is an asset for businesses to improve the performance and success of presentations.


SlideModel is one of the biggest providers of ready to use presentation templates on the internet. One of the best presentation tips is to ensure an intuitive design in your presentation. SlideModel has over 20,000+ templates for both professional and personal presentation goals. You can create engaging presentations real-quick with the help of these templates. Business verticals such as Marketing, Healthcare, Sales, Research, Teaching, Consulting, Training, Legal and more have been thoroughly covered by the platform. Meaning, you can find hundreds of suitable templates for every presentation topic. SlideModel templates offer breath-taking design and robust structure.

slidemodel presentation

While creating a presentation for your online meetings, you should ensure design consistency and flexibility, out of the box branding & ease of formatting. SlideModel templates can provide you with the same. You can edit these templates to attune with your business’s brand guidelines. Customization drives engagement in today’s market. The audience of today expects much more than an ordinary bunch of slides. SlideModel templates ensure higher collaboration and engagement with your audience, be it offline or online presentations. Apart from a huge repository of templates, SlideModel also offers presentation diagrams, charts, infographics, maps templates etc.


Slidebean offers innovative design elements, premium fonts and high-end colour palettes. The tool is known for bringing the ordinary text to life and that too real-quick. The software expects you to enter the presentation content and then transforms it into corporate-friendly presentations. Slidebean can be your destination for creating presentations on the move. The software acts as a plug and plays for presentation creators. While creating the presentation, you’re only required to provide text, visuals and other graphical aid you wish to provide. Slidebean takes care of the rest and generates a presentation for you and that too with complete formatting.

Slidebean helps you deliver powerful messages to stand out in the crowd. Often comes the time when business presentations need to showcase numbers. Slidebean enables you to display complex data strikingly and that too with absolute precision. You can also create a custom branded theme. The created presentation can be shared with your contacts without any fuss. You can even set the type of access. You can achieve goals together with your team members and can increase productivity manifolds. Not just that, you can also export and share your presentations in the form of HTML and PDF. A static version of the presentation can be shared across the digital medium.

Haiku Deck:

Haiku Deck lets you keep your slides clean and simple. In a matter of just a few minutes, you can come up with an attractive and minimalistic presentation. The tool is a piece of cake when we talk about actually creating a presentation for your meetings. You can instantly pick a suitable background and start adding text over it. You can make your slides do the talking for you rather than explaining all the content throughout the presentation. Haiku Deck is a browser-based online presentation tool used by many. The tool maintains a rich collection of images, visual aids and typographies. By simply strolling to the navbar, you can hover over different text styles and try them on your slides.

Every business presentation is incomplete without relevant charts and graphs. Haiku Deck offers innovative and insightful charts and graphs. While creating your slides, you can seamlessly add pie charts, bar charts and graphs and format the same with labels and numbers. Haiku Deck also provides presentation broadcasting capabilities. Educators can create rich-content slides and share them over the platform with their students. Since the service is online, the content is accessible anywhere around the world. This means you can use Haiku Deck for your presentation creation and delivery needs. Haiku Deck is a browser-based tool that also supports iOS.

Google Slides:

One of the most popular tools for creating interactive presentations, Google Slides is an emerging leader for creating online presentations. The tool is free to use and offers a plethora of features to presentation creators. Google Slides has its collection of templates which can kick-start your presentation creation process. The tool can be used across devices regardless of operating systems since it’s web-based. Google Slides offer never seen before themes, animation effects, fonts, visuals and more functions. The tool is very easy to use. Even a naive user can create an engaging presentation with minimal efforts.

Google Slides offer pre-made pitch decks as well as portfolios to presenters. You can simply add your content to the skeleton template and you’re good to go. The best part is your changes are instantly saved and you never lose your presentation. When it comes to team collaboration, you can share your presentation’s link with appropriate permission settings with your peers. You can do both, edit the presentation and present it in real-time. Do you know there are over 800 professional fonts in Google Slides? Easily sync your slides across multiple presentation decks, leverage audience Q&A features during the presentation and boost your presentation goals, all with Google Slides.


Apple’s Keynote features a premium design and offers an array of built-in features for creating engaging presentations. The tool has appealing themes, smooth animations, high-quality visuals all suited for your professional presentations. Keynote enhances a presentation creator’s ability to quickly create and deliver the same. Keynote is highly user-friendly, offers superior integration amid different devices. The multimedia support has been extended to images, sounds, infographics, charts, graphs and videos. Users can get their hands on sleek design while creating a presentation on Keynote. There are plenty of design options to pick from.

keynote presentation

Your presentations are saved on iCloud and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Keynote also comes bundled with design and animation tools. You can crop, resize the images on the go. Moreover, at any point in time, if you feel like migrating to any other presentation platform, Keynote supports that too. Today, companies are putting their first step forward with presentations. The right presentation can draw a line between a closed deal & a missed opportunity. Keynote is a go-to presentation software which can be a valuable addition in your presentation tools. It’s less ubiquitous and more comprehensive than its competitors.


Best suited for public relations (PR) professionals, Canva is an amazing tool for creating innovative designs. Canva comes with a rich repository of fonts and graphics. Users can also enjoy readymade templates for social media posts, cards, newsletters, flyers etc. As a presentation creator, you can save big on your valuable time. You just need to choose the type of content you want to create and Canva will continue from there. The tool will provide you with a customizable design and also feature multiple visual elements on your slides. Canva comes with a one-click share option. If you’re working with a team or you want inputs from someone sitting two time zones away, Canva lets you do it.

You can upload your custom designed images, animations, infographics and logos to your chosen template. Users can leverage the drag and drop functionality for populating slides real fast. You can also use Canva’s photo editor once you upload your resource. Apply filters, change backgrounds, alter contrast or brightness with added ease. Canva lets you create a variety of content since one size doesn’t fit all. You can create presentation design for marketing, sales, healthcare, business pitches, invitations and much more. You can also add eBooks and resume design types in your slides with Canva presentation tool.


Visme is one of its kind presentation tools which bring creating presentations, infographics, wireframes, reports etc., all under the same roof. You can create and share innovative and beautiful content through Visme. You can enjoy design flexibility, simplicity and interactivity. Visme also offers superior support for data visualization. Making your audience understand those numbers is a vital step towards presentation success. If your viewers can understand the data well, it is only then they will be able to draw conclusions and relate to it. Visme lets you create and communicate studies, reports, stats, latest news and more.

As soon as you visit Visme, you’d notice a huge collection of templates waiting for you. The tool provides a template for a variety of purposes such as sales, travel, non-profit, medical, anatomy, stock market and more. The templates are fully editable. You can alter their text, colours, layouts as per your expectations. Moreover, Visme comes with rich animated graphics. You can find a relevant animated graphic for your presentation under Illustrations, Characters and Gestures category. Visme provides presentation creators with added control and precision. The tool is a great pick for boosting branding of your company. 

The ideal presentation tool must support real-time collaboration, availability of rich templates, ease of use and accessibility. It is only then you can craft dynamic and immersive presentations for your audience. Everyday communicators, presenters and educators need to share their ideas with their mature audience. The right presentation tool can facilitate the sharing of ideas and take audience interactions to a whole new level.

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