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Why you need video at volume

When we speak about video at volume, we’re not talking about turning up the sound dial past 100%. It means you need high-quality videos streaming out of your business on a regular basis (check out more info on brand video assets via the link). Today we’re going to look at why.

Engagement is waiting for you, as often as you are prepared for it

People are in a rush. You know this because you yourself don’t have enough time to go to the gym and see your friends and family and keep up with the new TV series everyone is talking about. If you ask people to find the energy to read into new ideas, you’re fighting a losing battle. They don’t have time to explore anything that isn’t important to them. It’s kind of obvious when you think about it. But so many companies are convinced that what they are offering is so life-changing that all they have to do is sit back and wait for engagement (not the case!).

You could be offering jet packs that run on either expensive fuel or on a lack of sleep and failed relationships with people who were toxic for us. Everyone would be able to run one of those jet packs all day every day for free. But would they sell like hotcakes? Not initially. Because nobody would know your company exists. And even when they find out, they might forget. 

Engagement happens in the moment. And once that moment is over, you need an idea for re-engagement. Or, to put that another way, you need a second video that matches the energy and positivity of the first. The more you scream about your products or services, the more people will engage. It’s a numbers game.

You can upload video anywhere

Video is your friend. Unlike other types of content such as text and images, video is suitable for all sharing platforms (e.g. social media). 

Perhaps you have written at length about your products. But how many people are going to sit and read through your thoughts? People rarely read past the title, the first few lines, and maybe a subtitle or two, creating an F-shaped heat map on the page. You need to spend your energy on engagement methods that command attention and can be shared anywhere. Think about it. Video is welcome across all social media platforms. But is lengthy text or images expected on all platforms? No. Video is not just the best answer, it’s the only answer. 

Give yourself the modern edge

Not all social media platforms supported video at their outset. However, they all do so now. Why? Because video content is king for engagement, and social media is all about eyes on screens for as long as possible. 

What you can learn from the trend towards video is that modern times are a-changing. Video is everywhere, and your competitors are already most likely taking advantage of the benefits of video content. Why aren’t you? It’s time to look as modern as you wish to be perceived. 

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