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The manufacturing of custom-made micro coils is not an easy task when it comes to providing satisfaction to the customers. The custom-made micro coils can be of various types depending on the requirements of the customers and can fulfill several purposes ranging from solar panels to medical equipment. In order to prepare custom-made micro-coils, the most important criteria that the manufacturers focus on are cost, reliability, and electrical efficiency of the micro-coils.

Custom-made micro coils manufacturing process involves soldering, casting, wrapping, gluing, etc. Manufacturers need to have the required expertise in order to provide effective quality and the requirements to the customers.

Manufacturing Process of Custom-Made Micro Coils:

In order to prepare custom-made micro coils, manufacturers wind isolated wires around a core. However, some manufacturing process focuses on preparing coreless coils and in that case, after the winding process, manufacturers withdraw the core. Depending on the needs of the customers, manufacturers also change the thickness of the wires. While decreasing the thickness of the wires, in order to avoid the isolation breakpoint of the wires, manufacturers use special expertise and machinery.

In the manufacturing process of the custom-made micro coils, manufacturers try to use copper wires for their effective conductivity. Custom-made micro coils are effective where the size of the coils is important to prepare for different devices such as catheterization. However, in order to fulfill the customer needs and to make miniaturization applications, designers of the devices have to have sufficient abilities and knowledge of the devices. To make the custom-made micron coils, manufacturers mainly use thermal compression bonding methods. It is also important for the manufacturers to be flexible and they should have the capability of cost-effective mass production.

The necessary things that the manufacturing companies should possess:

In order to prepare custom-made micro-coils, the manufacturing companies should have the following capabilities-

  • The manufacturing company should have technological equipment with a high notch.
  • It is important to have experienced professional employees.
  • Unique type winding coils are the key to the success of the company.
  • In order to create coils of various shapes, the company should have sufficient frames.
  • Ability to fulfill high-speed orders.
  • The manufacturers have to assure the quality of the coils.

Different methods:

            Micro soldering is a significant method to connect wires that some manufacturers follow. Through thermal compression of metal to metal contacts, this method is useful to connect wires of 9 micron to 50 micron in diameter.

From raw materials to packaging, the manufacturers need to conduct strict standards during the management process. Modern manufacturers focus to prepare custom-made micro coils using ultra-fine insulated copper wires. It is also important to inspect the integrity of the insulated wires. Depending on the requirements of the customers, manufacturers may design the packaging of the products.

Custom-made micro coils have significant usage in electromagnetic pulse treatment and data controlling and monitoring. In several other medical applications and electronic applications such as battery implantation, custom-made micro coils have a significant role. These coils are essential for future medical applications.

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