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Why getting IT certification is the best move you’ll make

When you’re first setting out to work in the tech sector, IT certificates are universally recognized proof that you have the skills needed for the jobs you’re applying for. A general IT diploma is extremely useful, but other more specialized IT certificates show that you have the particular skill sets required. They’re invaluable, especially if you don’t yet have much relevant work experience on your CV.

Stay up to date

Even when your level of experience grows, an up-to-date certificate is still quick and indisputable evidence of your ability to do the job. Because the tech field is so fast moving, skills can rapidly become obsolete. Just because you were capable of filling a role five years ago it doesn’t mean that you can do the same job with confidence now.

As new systems come in and cyber technology moves on apace it’s easy to get left behind. That’s why a true tech professional never stops learning, andkeeps taking courses and exams and getting appropriate certificates in the latest IT fields. In the tech sector it’s not enough to have learned something once. You need to keep updating your skills and your qualifications in order to keep your place in the jobs market and to stay employable.

Where to start

Microsoft’s IT certifications are widely recognized and cover a broad range of specialisms. They also follow a ladder of progression from entry level to increasingly advanced and specialized areas. Cisco certifications cover IT networking and there are many other information technology certifications available. This list of certifications is a good introduction to the field.

A competitive sector

The technology industry is incredibly competitive as many people want to work within it for the challenges and the generous monetary rewards. For those with the right skills it can be extremely satisfying. Demand for those with specialized skill sets is high, and pay levels rise accordingly. Getting certified will help you to access those well-paid IT contracts, either as a freelancer or as a full-time member of staff.

Those hiring IT contractors or new employees often don’t have the time to go through all your previous job experience trying to work out if you have the right skills for the work they need doing. Having the relevant certificate instantly shows that you are capable of fulfilling the position and will be a huge factor in making sure you get put forward for an interview.

Certified IT professionals are statistically proven to earn higher salaries and gain more opportunities. Furthermore, a selection of different certificates shows that you’re flexible and committed to learning new skills. Even apart from their intrinsic value, a range of qualifications suggests that you are able and willing to adapt to the rapidly-changing environment that is the norm in IT.

Ultimately certificates give you credibility and confidence, and help employers identify your potential and quickly match you to a suitable job role. In IT, every day is a school day, and studying for certification proves that you take your job seriously as well as allowing you to develop the niche skills that will get you the well-paid work you require.

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