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What is the best way to prepare for the CCNP exam?

CCNP exam is always a professional-level Cisco exam in each networking domain. It clearly stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional. It is one level higher than Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification and will cover in-depth knowledge and the logic of concepts as covered in CCNA already. 

The Cisco certificates are industry-leading networking ones and are considered to be more reliable certifications in terms of skills, knowledge, and talent. They have a high benchmark for hiring firms in terms of value and trust, and that makes it hard to procure by network aspirants. Earning the CCNP certificate is not at all simple, and you need to work on different workbooks and solutions to get prepared. Make sure to look at here to get CCNP solutions and help to prepare for the final exam!

Best way to prepare for the exam:

Now you must be wondering how to prepare for the CCNP exam, especially if you are completely new in this field. The points mentioned below will help you with the best results.

Make sure to know your CCNA best:

CCNP is an in-depth knowledge of what you have learned in CCNA already. So, CCNA is a prerequisite if you are attempting to pass the CCNP exam. 

  • CCNA exams will set the foundation knowledge for CCNP. Unless you are not clear about the CCNA concepts, you cannot pass CCNP as well. 
  • The CCNP topics are now new but will be in-depth about what you have learned in CCNA.
  • CCNA lays the foundation of all concepts you need in networking, while CCNP puts a stronghold on it by adding more logic, knowledge, and skills to those topics.

The exams to take first:

In CCNP routing and switching, there are three exams that you need to pass to earn Cisco CCNP Certification in Routing and Switching. Those exams will be:

  • Maintaining and troubleshooting Cisco IP Networks
  • Adding Cisco IP Switched networks
  • Adding Cisco IP Routing

You can choose the order of exams you want to attempt. The candidate can also take Route and Switch exam in any order possible. Make sure to choose the exams carefully. The first exam always needs to be one that you are most confident about. Most network aspirants fail to clear Cisco exams because of careless mistakes and a nervous attitude. So, clearing the first exam will push up your morale.

The perfect hands-on experience:

Once you have cleared the CCNA exam, you will realize that no Cisco exam can be cleared without practical exposure. Cisco will always recommend 1 to 3 years of experience before going for the CCNP exam. So now you can get hands-on knowledge on all the available Cisco CCNP devices.

Some help with the added resources:

The solutions and workbooks from SPOTO are going to be your best guide to clearing the Cisco exam. But that won’t be enough for you. Make sure to always keep your hands in multiple places at all times.

  • Make sure to add yourself to Google Forums and get the queries solved over there.
  • Be sure to follow the Cisco Blogs to keep yourself updated on some of the latest happenings taking place.
  • You need to know more about the courses that have been upgraded, removed, or modified. 
  • Make sure to look for the CCIE authors, try reading their books, and watch the videos too. 
  • The website has loads of materials to find out and check-in with the CCNP preparation. 

Cover one topic at one time:

It is advisable not to just read the entire book in one sitting. Instead, you should focus on grasping one topic at a time. Learn the topic, understand it well, practice and expertise it before moving on to the next topic. Remember to do all the configurations yourself and practice well till you get it completely. One topic at a time will provide you with much-needed confidence and can help you in preparing better for the CCNP exam. 

Check in with all the options, and then you can focus on preparing for the CCNP exam. Get all your sources from SPOTO and improve your preparation scale to the next level. These workbooks will help you to prepare for the exam all too well!

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