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8 Benefits of Slideshow Video for Your Business

According to the CEO and co-founder of HubSpot, Brian Halligan, what you are selling is not as important as how you are selling it. Companies have understood the importance of marketing to thrive in the competitive market. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic brought various marketing activities to a halt.

In this situation, video marketing emerged as the last resort of many companies. Considering videos can increase conversion rates by 80%, people have warmed up well to video marketing. Around 70% of companies are investing in content marketing which includes videos. 

Amidst the popularity of video marketing, you will come across different types of video content on the internet. Short videos, usually less than two minutes long, are viral on the internet. But the good old slideshows haven’t lost their charm. 

Marketers are still using a slideshow maker to create business videos. Some of the significant benefits of slideshows for your business are as follows:

  1. Maximised User Engagement

Slideshows are all about visuals in motion. The human eye notices moving objects more than something static. Therefore, slideshows can increase user engagement. 

However, Google makes it necessary to create meaningful motion. You need to ensure that the motion in your slideshow isn’t required. Give people time to go through every slide before the next one comes up. 

Don’t add spiral transitions unnecessarily, as they give people vertigo. Don’t experiment with too many effects and filters, as they will drive away from the audience instead of capturing their attention. 

  1. Less Complicated to Make

Companies use slideshow videos because of their less complicated nature. Even amateurs can create compelling slideshows using a slideshow maker. Besides, people love watching them instead of reading text-heavy written content.

However, you need to make your slides short and crisp. If you are describing your products or services, summarise your points. Write in bulleted points and add relevant images. 

Be careful about the font style, size, and colour. Use an attractive font style, but it should be legible. You should use pleasant colours and ensure that your viewers don’t have to strain their eyes to read what’s written in your slides.

  1. Highlight Multiple Products and Services

A huge benefit of using slideshow videos is that businesses can highlight all their products and services in one go. It will save time for viewers as they will not have to dig through various content to know about your offerings. 

The moving visuals in a slideshow can make all your products and services look appealing. A slideshow maker also lets you add music so that you can captivate your audience. But you should remember to constantly update the slideshow to make viewers keep visiting your website.

  1. Get Analytical Insights with Slideshows

Slideshows can help you gather analytical data surrounding your products and services. You can easily acquire analytical insight by measuring the likes and views of the presentation. It will help you understand the type of content preferred by your audience. 

You will be able to make changes according to your audience’s preferences. You will be able to formulate new strategies to make your potential customers find them valuable and relevant.

  1. Helps with SEO

Businesses are struggling to meet the changing demands of SEO constantly. Otherwise, they are not able to attract potential visitors to their website. Slideshows are a great way to secure top rankings on search engines. Adding relevant keywords in your slideshows can further improve SEO rankings. 

But attracting visitors is not enough as you need to make them spend adequate time on your website. If your website’s dwell time increases, it means that people are finding your content relevant. Your slideshow videos should contain self-explanatory visuals to engage the audience.

  1. Easy to Customise

The best part about making slideshow videos is the high level of customisation. You can use a slideshow maker to create presentations that meet the interests of your business. From the background colour to the images, you have the freedom to implement your choice. 

The ability to customise everything gives slideshows a personal feel. You can even add your company watermark on the slides. It will make your viewers feel connected to your business. 

However, you need to consider your customers’ choices while customising your slideshows. You need to present your business idea in a way that they understand. Your viewers should find the content acceptable if you want them to invest in your product or service.

  1. Enrich Promotional Content

Slideshows are a great way to promote your business but with many images, music, and other features. You should add high-quality images, music, and other media to your slideshows. Otherwise, your audience won’t feel particularly attracted to watching your content.

You should be able to create the right impression with your slideshows. You can even add a good CTA at the end of your slideshow. If you want your audience to explore your website a little more, you can add various links to your slideshow. 

  1. Easy to Digest

People on the internet lack the patience to go through lengthy content. Especially when it’s written content, people avoid reading the entire thing. Instead, brush over the heading to gain a brief idea of the written content. 

People prefer slideshows because they contain everything about a business but in a crisp format. Short text and images are perfect for captivating your audience. Slideshows also help viewers find what they are looking for without scouring through the entire content. 

Slideshows usually contain page numbers with a table of content in the beginning. Therefore, people find it easier to navigate through the presentation. People skip the parts that do not interest them and directly concentrate on what urged them to open your website. 

Wrapping up

Slideshows can offer what other video formats are incapable of doing. If appropriately leveraged, slideshow videos can be great for promoting a business. But when overdone, slideshows often become intrusive. So, make sure you create slideshows that accelerate your ROIs and help you reach out to your potential audience. 

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