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Are you keeping up with the rapidly evolving digital world? Marketers are using tech-savvy tools to pump up their content marketing strategy. You would find every company publishing articles and blogs, but now, customers want more than text-based information. The engagement rates are higher with visual content – images, infographics, and especially videos. How about you give video marketing a shot?

Social media forums and websites are exploding with videos as people love this new form of content. Alongside entertaining audiences, it provides an incredible way to put your brand message across. Since every business is delving into video creation, you have to level up your strategy by transcribing videos. It is a process of turning audio into the readable text to promote understanding.

It enhances user-experience and makes video accessible to people with hearing disabilities. Surprisingly enough, it is an incredible way of capturing more audiences since the simple test also removes language barriers. If you are second-guessing your decision, have a look below.

Here we are unfolding five reasons to transcribe your videos.

1.  Fosters Accessibility

When it comes to video marketing, companies limit themselves to audiences who can hear. Approximately 10 million people in the United States suffer from hearing disabilities. Do you think it is worth missing out on such a big chunk of the audience? People with hearing impairment consume content like every other user, and by transcribing videos – you can help them connect with your brand. That being said, brand video transcriptions should be a priority for video marketers. Nowadays, inclusion is the number one topic for millions of discussions among your current and potential customers. They all are interested in what your brand has to say and unconsciously make their minds on that. After all, expanding the customer base can help you bag handsome profits.

Moreover, the transcription helps you adhere to anti-discrimination laws. You are actively protecting the rights of disabled people by giving them access to the same resources as the rest of the population. Don’t worry as creating transcripts is no longer dependent on human transcribers. There are many options available for transcribing your videos. With so many options available, you would be able to get your transcriptions done in minutes at a price you can afford.

2.  Improves SEO Traffic & Visibility

Do you know anything about Google crawlers? These are bots that surf through thousands of websites when users search. It brings you all the sites that match closest to the keyword you typed. If we talk about videos, they don’t have any text or keywords, meaning crawlers have a hard time finding them. Fortunately, transcribing them can help crawlers find videos in seconds.

The American life suggests, creating video transcripts result in higher inbound traffic and user engagement. Alongside this, Google ranks websites higher if it has at least one video, enhancing your visibility on the search engine results page. As for YouTube, add captions to every video, but keep it short and straightforward.

3.  Upgrades User Experience

Every company does their best to elevate user experience to create a smooth purchasing experience for consumers. Video transcripts can help you on this mission. Alongside making it straightforward to search videos, it promotes understandability. Here are two features of transcripts you can utilize to enhance user experience.

  1. Playlist Search: As transcripts improve SEO visibility, you can also implement onsite search capabilities. Scan the video library, pick specific associates, and highlight their moments.
  2. Interactive Transcript: It would automatically highlight words as the person speaks in the video. Users can click on the text to jump into the next point in the video.

It can help in keeping the users hooked throughout the video while assisting them in understanding better.

4.  Repurpose Your Content

Are you running short of ideas? Indeed, creating content is no cakewalk since a lot of creativity, time, and thinking goes into it. These days, marketers don’t have ample time to focus solely on generating content. Hence, getting into the habit of transcribing videos can help you bring derivative content down the road. It lets you use the same material for different purposes – eBooks, images, blogs, infographics, et cetera.

You can share high-quality video scripts on other mediums by making an infographic. Otherwise, you can create a high converting lead magnet, helping you build email lists. Similarly, if you have transcribed an engaging webinar, feel free to publish it as an article. Assess your content needs and utilize transcripts to entertain audiences on social forums.

5.  Better Comprehension & Flexibility

Every person is different with unique capabilities. Video transcripts give viewers the option to digest information according to their strengths. It can be an incredible tool for online education as captions aid learning by improving comprehension. Educationalists refer to it as a cognitive reinforcement. Retention rates are significantly higher when people read and hear information simultaneously.

Likewise, if someone is in a hurry – instead of watching the entire video, they can go through transcripts and note down essential points. It also conveys a message to those who can’t understand English as transcripts can be translated into any language.


Even though you are creating fascinating videos, but results are not guaranteed until you transcribe them. You enjoy better visibility and an influx of new customers as a result. Along side tuning up your video marketing campaign, it also brings more audience to your brand. Hence, you have no option but to transcribe your videos and see your business climb up the ladder.

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