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VeriChip: Pros & Cons

Before we start with the pros and cons of very chip it is very important for you to know what is very chip and what are its uses, where it can be used and what it is actually. Verichip is radio frequency identification tag, which is in the form of a capsule. It specifically designed for human body and also for some other kinds of purposes which we will see in the later parts. Veri-Chip Corporation of Delray Beach, Florida markets and sells very chip.

It looks like a capsule which contains a microchip with a capacitor and it also has an antenna. The components of the VeriChip are sealed inside a bio bond. Bio bond is necessary as it prevents the RFID from shifting or migrating from the location. A syringe known as large gauge hypodermic or cannula is used to inject the chip in the flesh. It is mostly used on animals, building access control and for identification of patients. The market which produces VeriChip implants it which is a form through which medical records are accessed, or some form of emergency also for payment device. It is one of the most secure forms of access.

The scanner of the VeriChip emits a radio frequency or signal when the chip is bought somewhere near the range of the implant. Later then it starts emitting radio signals. After the chips frequency is being picked by the scanner it gets converted into a unique 16 digit identification number. This process or method helps in keeping a trace of the person or animal or other things. The VeriChip company was started in the year 2007 and it also got closed due to many factors like the risks that were involved in the use of the VeriChip and now many governments recognize it as illegal. Earlier when it was started only 222 people used the chip that too in the United States. The figure of people using it touched somewhere around 300 and some of them were the employees of the company. This device is used in the form of an experiment on the patients.

The company has itself disclosed that there have been more than thousand people all around the world who have been implanted with the product. The company has also not yet disclosed about the implantation of the product or the people on whom it has been implanted. Nor there has been any kind of independent verification of the figures or the unique numbered figure which is given out.

There were many negative (cons) factors of the VeriChip due to which the firm has been closed. As it has been already discussed that there is certain risk involved for human beings including the infringement of privacy etc. Now let’s see, what the positive factors of VeriChip are.

It can be allowed on patients especially those suffering from visual impairments. It can also be used on animals and pets in case if they are lost. It can also be used for cattle identification. Along with this, there are also certain other uses like it can be used for automatic collection of toll. It can also be used on vehicles to track them and also on the prisoners in case if they escape prison.

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