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4 Easy Steps to Creating a YouTube Concept and Channel Design

Have you been thinking about showcasing your talents on YouTube, but can’t settle on a channel design for your channel? It happens to the best of us, but there are some ways to come up with a concept that will make your channel a hit along with an eye-catching design for your channel as well.

In this article, we will provide you with tips that will help you accomplish both of these things. Get ready for your YouTube channel to take off because once you get started, there will be no way to stop you.

1. Choose A Captivating Icon for Your Page

When you’re creating the channel design aspect of your page, you must choose the perfect icon. The icon that you want for your channel will be one of the first things that potential watchers will see; therefore, it needs to be clear instead of pixelated.

Another aspect of this specific phase is ensuring that all of the banners and art featured on your channel are clear no matter what device is being used to watch. If you’re having trouble choosing the correct size for your channel and all of the items you’ve posted to the page, check out the guide to YouTube sizes for everything that you’ll use as art on your channel.

2. Choose Content Delivery Format

The content you release on your channel is only successful if you’ve delivered it in a way that your watchers will be receptive to. This means taking some time to go through a trial and error process while keeping track of which posts receive the most engagement from your audience.

Deciding on what your channel will focus on can help you decide how to deliver your content. If your niche is focused on hair and makeup, then your videos may be in the form of tutorials or how-to videos.

The delivery format can make or break how your audience receives your content.

3. Channel Trailers Or Introduction Reels Are A Must

People love watching a cleverly filmed introduction concept whenever they visit the page of their favorite YouTubers. Therefore, we recommend coming up with an introduction video or trailer for your channel that will catch the attention of anyone that sees it.

Remember, people nowadays have short attention spans. Therefore your video needs to pack a punch that will leave viewers waiting to see what video you post next. The trailer or introduction video will be the first taste of your channel that viewers get to see, so make it unforgettable.

4. Optimize Your SEO Usage

Using SEO keywords properly means that whenever a viewer types into a search engine and their search contains words that you’ve optimized your video will appear in their search. This gives you an increased chance of your video being watched by viewers.

It helps to increase traffic and engagement that’s directed to your channel.

YouTube Channel Design Made Easy

When you begin to think about channel design concepts, you must consider everything we’ve mentioned above. You will need to use the above tips to help make your channel a success.

If you’ve found this article to be helpful and insightful, check out some of the other articles we’ve posted.

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