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Live in the Future Now With the New Scribble Pen

We all love colors. Colors are our life which makes it beautiful. Everyone wants to paint their lives with different colors. Just imagine how boring the life can be without colors. We need colors in every day of our life. From the moment we get up till we go sleep, we all are surrounded by colors, wearing good colors in office, then the nightdress, the bed sheets, the utensils, mobile phone, car bike etc. which also includes food. Many readers after reading this few lines would be wondering what is so important about colors. Well, this is useful for both the artist’s as well non-artist as well as kids.

Electronic Scribble Pen
The coloring is a beautiful art and requires a lot of concentration and focus. Other than this there are also kids who love to color. Mixing colors and getting a unique shade is also a very tough and tedious task, especially for the artists, but for some, it can be very hassled up mixing colors, water, and brush, then the marks on clothes, face etc. is a very hassle case. But now no need to worry, as the new electronic scribble pen does the needful for every artist, kid, and common layman. Before I tell you something unique about this unique pen, it is very important for you to know what is scribble pen?

Scribble pen is a kind of an electronic device which has certain sensor point and it captures the color. The pen is made in such a way that the sensors of the pen capture any color from anywhere which includes objects, flowers, leaves, cup, etc. and it tailors the ink which is in it which produces that color. The pen comprises of the sensor which helps in detecting the shade of the color in anything which comprises of apple or any flower on the window. One of the most amazing and unique features which it has is that it can copy more than 15 million unique colors! What an amazing thing? Now there is no need for painters and artists to sit and keep mixing shades and make colors or do the color combination. Now this is the future of the artists and all the art and drawing lovers.

The scribble pen comes with a battery which is rechargeable via micro USB cable. The pen can be used max to max for 15 hours. It comes with two different options which are lag free drawing and writing on the mobile device. There is also a digital stylus which is provided which can be used in case if you want to draw in your iPad etc. You can use the pen in the paper also. The price of the pen is also very reasonable and affordable. It does cost you much thousands or lakhs. The method of using the pen is very simple. Switch on the pen, then there is a button of the pen which you have to press while keeping the pen on any object say like a red color mug. After few seconds you can leave the button and the color is automatically captured on the tip of the pen and uses it.

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