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3 Features to Think About Before Choosing an IaaS Platform

Adopting an IaaS platform helps many companies save money and become more efficient. Not all platforms, however, work the same. Differences in IaaS platforms make it essential for you to know what features you need in your new system. Most companies should look for these three features before deciding which platform to use.

Robust Security Features

Concern about the security of IaaS platforms is the most significant barrier to IaaS adoption, so it makes sense for you to choose an option that offers robust security features. Some of the most important features to look for include two-factor authentication and encryption.

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security on top of the use of unique passwords. Users need to prove their identities by answering questions, using registered devices, or providing fingerprints. This additional layer of authentication makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to access your system.

Encryption turns stored information into garbled numbers and letters that no one can read without providing an encryption key. If someone were to bypass your two-factor authentication process, he or she still wouldn’t have access to private information stored in the cloud.


Your company’s IaaS platform needs could change at any moment. If you suddenly experience a surge in business, then you will need to access more computing power to satisfy customers. This makes it crucial for you to choose an IaaS provider that offers quick scalability.

Scalability can also help your business save money. Just because you need to use a large virtual machine today doesn’t mean that you will need access to that much power next week. Having the option to scale down means that you don’t have to pay for virtual machine power that you don’t use. Many companies will only charge you for the services that you use.

Data Migration

Moving to a new system means that you will probably have to transfer large amounts of data to the cloud. Unfortunately, you could encounter any number of data migration challenges during this process. Some of the biggest barriers to data migration include lack of collaboration, lack of standardization, and poor system design.

The IaaS platform that you choose can have a big effect on how easily you can transfer data. Some platforms offer simple user interfaces that make it relatively easy for you to move information from the old system to the new one. The number of virtual machines that you can access will also affect data migration. During this period, you will probably need more virtual machines than usual. If your platform doesn’t let you access additional machines, then you may spend a lot of time waiting for data to migrate.

IaaS platform requirements can vary greatly from one business to another. You should conduct your own review to determine what features you need from your service provider. These three features, however, have become so important that you almost certainly need them. If an IaaS platform doesn’t focus on security, scalability, and data migration, then you will probably run into problems shortly after adopting it. Use what you’ve just learned to help you make the right choice.

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