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Unique characteristics of the collaborative robot

Collaborative robots are unlike traditional robots. For this reason, they have increased in acceptability in numerous factories and manufacturing entities.

In their short time of existence, cobots have permeated into a range of industries and are now a common fixture in many factory floors.

Compared to traditional robots, these are the unique features and characteristics of cobots.

Enhanced safety features

The UR5 industrial robotic arm from Universal Robot is created to be a safe robot for all that use it. First, the it has smooth edges. This is important due to the many fatal accidents that have reported as a result of human workers coming into contact with traditional robots. Traditional robots have sharp protruding edges that are harmful and dangerous.

Another safety feature of the UR5 is its inbuilt capacity to detect human presence. When this happens, the robotic arm slows its processes or shuts down. Once human presence is at a considerably safe distance, it starts up again.


Like their name suggests, the UR5 is a collaborative robot. It can collaborate with both human workers and other collaborative robots.

Collaborative robots are the realization of the Industry 4.0 also known as lights out industry. This is a production process that does not involve any human workers. As a result, lights in the factory will not be switched on as robots do not need light to see what they are doing.

Use contemporary technology

Collaborative robots are smart. They possess capabilities such as vision and self-teaching. With the growth of the IoT technology, collaborative robots can easily and quickly access the internet to learn how to carry out a process or to repair themselves and get updates.

Collaborative robots can also connect to company systems. This ensures that they make automation in any company much easier and faster.

Capable of performing numerous tasks

Collaborative robots may be bought for a specific challenge in the production process. Once they are in the factory and their versatility is discovered, they are then assigned numerous tasks around the factory.

To perform different tasks, all that is required is a simple programming on the robot. Together with programming, having the required external effectors allows factories to perform numerous tasks with cobots.

Easy to use

This is one of the most unique features of cobots. Despite relying on advanced technology to make work easier and perform numerous tasks, collaborative robots are quite easy to use.

For these robots, their owners do not need to employ specialized programmers. All that is required is a short training to enable a factory worker monitor and operate the robot.

Easy to teach

Collaborative robots are also easy to teach how to perform different functions. Cobots can be taught how to carry out certain tasks physically. This involves taking the cobot by hand and taking it through the motions of carrying out a task from beginning to end. Once the cobot records the lesson, you can instruct it to carry it out as taught and it will.

With access to the internet and machine learning technologies used on the cobots, it is quite easy for a collaborative robot to learn how to perform a task. This is done without the assistance of any human worker.

Accuracy and precision

This is one of the major reasons that collaborative robots and robots in general are preferred for automation. They enable factories to reduce waste in the production process and help enhance the quality of products that they produce.

Fast to deploy

With a quick learning curve in the training on how to use cobots, it is quite easy for factories to start using their new cobot. Further, they are quickly assembled and ready for work.


Collaborative robots have very unique features. These features make it the best robot for the modern factory and that of the future. With these unique features, you can rest assured that your production processes will be completely streamlined.

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