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4 Smart Strategies To Make Your Video Conferences More Engaging

While video conferences allow us to communicate with our fellow team members and share valuable information, they can sometimes be a drag. Many business owners aren’t sure of how to make their video conferences engaging, so their employees find their minds wandering. To help you make your conferences more memorable and enjoyable, here are a few strategies you can implement into your own meetings to keep them from becoming a bore.

Outline Your Conference Agenda

You want to make sure that your employees are engaged in the meeting from the very start and the best way to do this is to outline the agenda for the specific conference. Letting your coworkers know what you want to cover during the conference call allows them to prepare themselves and generally works to keep the meeting on track. If you have a certain topic at hand, you’re less likely to get side-tracked and your employees are less likely to lose interest.

Video Call Messaging

If the participants of the video call are able to interact with each other through a messaging feature, they’re going to feel a lot more involved in the conference. By allowing employees to communicate through messaging while the video conference is ongoing, they will be able to add their own ideas and thoughts to the general discussion. This will allow them to engage with one another and really feel like they’re contributing to the meeting overall, which will also keep them paying attention instead of letting their minds drift away.

Make It Fun by Using AR Filters

Just because it’s a conference call doesn’t mean it has to be inherently boring. Using AR filters during your conference meetings will keep the atmosphere light-hearted and enjoyable. In such a modern digital age, we have the use of AR filters at our fingertips, so there’s no reason as to why your conference can’t be fun as well as productive. Services such as Agora for social media and multi-person video meetings offer a variety of AR filters and additional tools which will all work to make your conferences entertaining and creative.

File Sharing and Collaboration 

If you’re going to be discussing a specific file or project, it’s always a good idea to ensure that your entire workforce has access to the necessary documents that you may happen to refer to during the conference meeting. Instead of just referencing to the documents, make use of a file-sharing software to enable your coworkers to access the same files and view them for themselves. File sharing software also cuts down on the hassle of having to email everybody the same attachments, so you’ll also be saving yourself time and you’ll be able to keep the meeting on track.

There are many different ways to help you make sure that your video conference is just as interactive as it is productive. Keeping your employees entertained and engaged is a surefire way of motivating them to produce the best possible work.

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