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Undeniable reasons why your HR department should be using HR software

HR is the beating heart of any business. It provides structure, information and keeps everyone working together in (almost) perfect harmony. From payroll to the recruitment process, as your business begins to grow, contracts start to roll in and the pressures on your company begin to rise – the last thing you need is for your HR team to flounder under their mounting workload.

When too much time is spent working through paperwork and menial tasks, the less time there is to focus on the bigger picture which, in turn, could lead to employee dissatisfaction and personnel leaving your business. This is why more businesses than ever before are turning to HR software. Using HR software in your business comes will all kinds of benefits – here we’ll take a look at some of the undeniable reasons why your HR department should be using it.

What is HR software?

HR software is a program that gives most of those menial and laborious admin tasks autonomy. It helps HR representatives keep track of their payroll systems, handle conflict cases, monitor employee performance and streamline the recruitment and subsequent onboarding process with ease. When these tasks are done well, it improves overall satisfaction within your company, and happy employees equal happy clients.

It frees up more time

Every aspect of your business, every workflow and process is dictated by a strict time schedule. And when you’re an HR rep, even the most menial of tasks can take up most of this precious time. Or, one simple task can lead to a dozen others. If your HR team are still relying on paperwork models or they’re struggling to focus on the specific needs of your employees due to a lack of time, it’s not always poor time management to blame. Your entire system needs an overhaul, and this is where HR software comes in.

With HR software all those tedious, time-consuming jobs are taken care of with user-friendly and even automated systems. So, calculating holiday allowance and working out benefits packages, sick days and salary deductions are a thing of the past.  You can easily monitor and maintain employee performance and keep all documentation safe and secure online.

The onboarding process is much more enjoyable

Onboarding processes are often long and drawn out. Making the entire process incredibly tedious for everyone involved. While getting through those endless PowerPoints and mountains of forms as quickly as possible seems like the best option, you’re actually doing your company and your new employees a disservice.

The right HR software can help streamline the entire onboarding process, but also make it fully engaging and helps your employees hit the ground running. With fully tailored and customisable education hubs, essential policies and information in one easy to access place, video upload capabilities and interactive learning, it’s never been easier to deliver a fully immersive and informative induction process that will benefit your new employees and keep those employee retention rates high.

Final thoughts…

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