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Four Things To Outsource That Give Your Business Access To Better Technology

Businesses are grown by people who look at a challenge and say “I can do that”. It’s the confident, entrepreneurial spirit that keeps innovations keeps and industries competitive, but at some point you have to stop trying to do it all yourself and get the experts in. This can especially true if there’s a brilliant piece of technology taking that industry by storm.

Here are four places you can pinpoint for outsourcing that will benefit your business with awesome pieces of tech.


Let’s start with the big one and tackle our IT needs. Depending on your business you could need hosting, website development and maintenance, computer networks, cyber security and making sure everyone can use the printer. Computer technology is evolving at such a rate there are undoubtedly things out there that would benefit your business, you’re not even aware of.

Even hosting is a constantly developing technology; with storage space becoming physically smaller but the world needing more and more of it every day.

Hiring a company to do this for you will give you access to specialists and all the nifty things they need to stay relevant in their industry. It will also give you access to professionals who know exactly what tech you need to function and grow without wasting time and money on things you don’t require.

Staff Training

Getting employees’ skills up to scratch is a difficult task as a business grows, because you need people who are highly trained in specific areas rather than have a talent for many. Teaching your employees your business is one thing, but how do you teach them something new that even you don’t know you need? Again, technical advancement rears it’s head and you’re lost in a land of interactive learning technologies that you don’t know you need, or not.

The answer to your hardship is managed learning. A company can come in and analyse your staff and business to find the skill areas you’d most benefit from developing. Then they can source, or create, a tailored digital learning environment for you. You can find companies that offer managed learning for a huge range of business requirements as well. GP Strategies managed learning focuses on essential overarching business needs, such as organisational performance and learning technology, but you can also find more industry specific solutions too.



It’s the question that businesses struggle with the most – do we hire someone to hire staff for us? Or do we cut out the middleman and do it ourselves? And then the question of how to find people to offer jobs.

There’s job websites, of course, but what about video interviews? Online tasks? Recruitment apps? That’s a lot of additional resource that recruitment companies can add to the mix that you’re unlikely able to. Handing the reigns to a recruiter that knows hiring a digital marketer may well require a test based around social media than an initial phone interview is priceless and could lead to your most valuable hire.


Speaking of marketing, how’s your SEO, PPC and online social skills? And your concept creation? I could go on, but quite honestly the range of technology that goes into marketing nowadays is astounding. Hiring an agency to keep you on the cutting edge of social trends and tech developments could give you the ultimate edge.

This will eventually lead to you hiring an in-house team, as marketing is such an essential part of any growing business, but establishing yourself can be hard, so using experts within their field that can tailor a marketing plan for you is the right move. Not to mention that advantage of them being eager to experiment with the latest tech trends to keep their business at the top of its game.

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