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Starting A Career In Cloud Computing Isn’t Impossible With These Tips


Cloud computing is a massive industry that is seeing unprecedented growth and expansion as the world becomes increasingly connected by the internet. It is only natural that you may be considering breaking into this field, as cloud computing is becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives.

But the market is difficult, and oftentimes the bar to entry for just ‘entry-level’ positions may seem impossible to clear. Many of these cloud computing job opportunities are requiring experience in the industry, and it is difficult to get experience if you can’t land a position in the first place. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There are ways you can get that industry experience in order to land that position you’re aiming for like taking a cloud computing course. Keep reading to find out more!

Get the right papers

Before we can begin, you need to layout your intended career progression and your specific interests. There are many different cloud service providers, with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platform being the most popular. Each provider offers its own certification programs, and we highly recommend that you attain their certificates to show your competencies and skills. Here’s a brief breakdown of the three providers:

Amazon Web Services is by far the most ubiquitous of the cloud services. Many prominent internet services rely on Amazon Web Services, and the need of companies for professionals with cloud computing skills in AWS is constantly growing. AWS certifications are needed by many employers and are often accompanied by high salaries in the cloud industry. Because of the large scope of AWS, there are several different main specialization paths that you can take when getting your AWS certificate. It is important that you research the different specialization aspects and figure out if they are something you are interested in and fit the role you are going for.

Microsft Azure is another great alternative cloud provider to consider. Though it may not be as publicly dominant as AWS, Azure has been seeing steadily increasing adoption in the industry. Azure is also the choice of many who are seeking hybrid cloud deployment solutions and is compatible with other Microsoft products like Office. There are many different certifications that you can attain, and the Azure Fundamentals Certification is a great starting point for many.

The Google Cloud Platform has also been increasing in adoption over the years. Google Certified Professionals are also one of the highest-paid certifications that are in the market. There are many different tiers and specializations of Google Cloud Platform certifications.

Regardless of your initial choice to specialize in, you will want to consider learning another cloud system in the future. This is because many employers are increasingly seeking those with multi-cloud skills, as well as the increased development of tools that work and interface on different clouds. 

Beef up that portfolio

Your portfolio doesn’t have to include just your professional industry experience. Leverage your training experiences by showcasing the projects that you have worked on (even in a non-professional capacity), making sure to omit any sensitive information. These are great at showcasing your ability to apply your skills to different use cases. It will greatly complement your certifications, that’s for sure! 

Word of mouth

Employers are more willing to look at you in a good light if you can show that you have impressed those who have mentored you or who you have been supervised by previously. This is vital for those who are just entering the cloud industry and do not have years of experience. Leverage your connections and don’t be afraid to work with and talk to other people in the field.

Building on this, establishing connections and building networks not only strengthens an employer’s perception of you but also gives you a better picture of what the industry is like. Being connected grants you access to information on what employers are known for, and whether you’re suitable for a company or not. You can use this information to make a more informed decision when plotting your career path and progression!

Don’t hesitate to experiment

An important trait that many employers are looking for is innate curiosity. In order to keep up with constant developments and updates in the cloud space, it’s important that you don’t restrict yourself, and instead continually expose yourself to new systems and skills. Many employers have cited that those who demonstrate their curiosity and determination to figure out issues and problems through experimentation are highly valuable to developing cloud systems further.

You can use your curiosity-satiating experiments in your portfolio as well, to show that you have sought out practical hands-on experiences to further develop your skills. 


There are plenty of causes that need help, and non-profit organizations are always in need of cloud-skilled professionals to assist in their operations. Volunteering some of your time may not earn you money immediately, but it gives you access to unique experiences and opportunities to develop your skills. Not only that, but it also looks great on your portfolio when your work and skills have positively impacted a group or helped these types of organizations. Employers may want you to work with technology, but that doesn’t mean they want you to be a robot, too! Demonstrate your care for the world that you live in and how your skills can make an impact, and they will start to consider how your skills can benefit them, too. 


There are plenty of ways that you can build up your applications to make yourself more appealing to employers in the cloud industry. The cloud industry prioritizes tangible achievements, and there are plenty of opportunities to build that up. Focus on attaining certification and apply those learned skills to experiments or projects or even a good cause. There are also plenty of great learning platforms that give you a sandbox-like space to practice and hone your skills, such as A Cloud Guru and Cloud Playground. Do look and find out what are the most in-demand certifications and cloud skills in your industry, and take them into consideration when choosing your specialization. 

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