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Best Tools to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar

We have appointments or meetings every day at work that we need to remember. By switching to Microsoft Windows or Google Android, we can keep track of the activities or events we were involved in. These app calendar services are one item on which we can count. You may save your notes here, and it also reminds us of the activities that must be completed on that particular day.

However, the disadvantage is that these two apps utilize different calendar software. Google Calendar is available on Android, whereas Microsoft Outlook is available on Windows. If you just had one calendar that you could quickly use to keep track of your appointments, life would be so much easier. So, what if we told you that Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar can now be synced?

Best Apps & Tools for Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar

Many apps and solutions are available for synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar, and users may choose from a variety of options. With the assistance of these applications, you can increase the effectiveness of your job. To get you started, here are some calendar synchronization alternatives to consider:


SyncGene can automatically sync contacts, calendars, and tasks across many devices and platforms. You may sync your calendars with the free version, but it will not instinctively update. Moreover, with the paid version you can guarantee that the two calendars will automatically sync.


CalendarBridge is a platform that not only allows you to sync up to 10 of your Outlook and Google Calendars, but it also provides a number of helpful features. One option is to sync only your busy or free hours, preventing personal events from being synchronized to your work calendar. You may also choose to hide events synchronized from other calendars, leaving just the time as busy.


Sync2 does a lot more when it comes to syncing Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar. It may sync on a scheduled basis or anytime an Outlook application is recognized.


Itrezzo offers smartphone synchronization capabilities that enhance its compilation features utilized in synchronizing contacts from your CRMs, GAL, Public Folders, and calendars to every team member’s mobile device, using the newest technologies in the contact management industry. Itrezzo simplifies the synchronization process for companies and offers customer assistance 24/7.When you need to increase your productivity at work, itrezzo has sync shared calendars.

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync is a program that enables you to sync your calendar with Outlook or Google Calendar. The premium version eliminates the one-way restriction. In addition, the free version limits synchronization to the last 30 days.


gSyncit is a software where you can sync Microsoft Outlook with a variety of other productivity applications. Calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes from a Google account may all be synced using this feature.

Listed here are only a few of the most effective solutions available for syncing Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar. Additionally, there are additional programs you may utilize that are both free and also accessible for usage on mobile devices.

Ways To Get Google Calendar to Show Up in Outlook

If you are experiencing difficulties connecting your Google calendar to Outlook, the following steps may be of assistance:

1. Sign in to your Google Calendar.

2. In Outlook, try hovering over the calendar you wish to view. Three vertical dots appear when the cursor hovers above them; click them!

3. Then, choose the option Settings and sharing.

4. Scroll down to ‘Integrate Calendar’ on a new page. A link to the Secret Address in iCal Format may be found here. With this connection, your Google Calendar will be exclusive. Copy and paste the URL into your clipboard.

5. Now, go to Outlook. In Outlook, click the Menu icon, then Add Calendar.

6. Then, select Import after clicking Subscribe from Web and pasting the Google link into the URL box.

7. Now, complete the steps. Every reminder you have in your Gmail calendar is correctly synced when you access the Calendar tab in Microsoft Outlook.

Ways To Sync Outlook with Google Calendar

You may sync Outlook with Google Calendar instead of synchronizing one with the other if you would like to keep both of your calendars up to date.

1. Click calendar in Outlook.

2. Choose Publish from the ribbon tools.

3. Open Outlook Web Access in your browser and log in.

4. Choose a calendar from the OWA website. Publicize the calendar to share.

5. Click Save.

6. Copy the following window’s URL. There should be two, one HTML and an ICS. Copy the ICS link.

7. Login to your Google Calendar online.

8. Then, click the Plus button on the left.

9. Copy the URL and paste it where it says Calendar URL.

10. Click Add a calendar.

Why Sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar?

Having calendars can be a time-consuming endeavor. However, there are situations wherein this handshake is absolutely essential. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • You have two jobs that can be scheduled on any calendar.
  • Personal and professional goals may be different on the two calendars.
  • You’re a frequent traveler who prefers Microsoft Outlook Calendar over Google Calendar. Google Calendar also works while you’re not connected to the internet.
  • You may see the data in Outlook after setting up a project collaboration in Google Calendar.


When it comes to remembering certain activities that need to be completed, synchronizing both calendars are a great way to save time. Both calendars enable you to peek into other calendars and display reminders, which is useful for both work and home and has the ability to help you remain organized in both situations. Moreover, utilizing synchronized/shared calendars may automatically increase your productivity while also assisting you in getting your applications to operate effectively together.

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