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Showing You’re A Business That Cares: 4 Steps To Organize A Charity Fundraising Event

Championing a cause or charity can be an excellent way to raise your business’s profile in the community, improve employee satisfaction, and do good work in the community. It’s crucial to choose a charity that aligns with your company values, and that has a real need for help from corporate entities.

Organizing a fundraising event can be an excellent way to show you care and bring much-needed funds to a worthy cause. You’ll need to plan the event properly, ensuring that as much money is raised as possible. Getting employees involved can be an excellent way to boost morale and employee engagement.

Find A Cause To Champion

Sometimes this will be simple, particularly if there are charities that are directly relevant to your industry. For instance, if you are a pet food manufacturer, then partnering with a local animal shelter would be an easy choice. If there is not an obvious charity to choose from, you could select one that provides a service that is close to your heart or ask employees to choose vote for charities of their choice.

Make A Budget And Set A Fundraising Goal

You’ll need a budget for the event, and since it’s for charity, you’ll need to be prepared to cover all the costs yourself. This might mean scaling down the event, particularly if money is tight. What is important is that your fundraising target is clear and met by the end of the event. After all, this is about charity, not having a fancy event. It may seem strange to attendees if you’re throwing a lavish event when the money spent could itself have gone to charity.

Print Up Some Clothing And Merchandise

Fundraising events are designed to raise the profile of the charity you’re supporting, so you’ll need plenty of merchandise to make it clear what your goals are and who the charity is that you’re working with. Charity logos and messages printed on clothes can be an excellent idea and can be coupled with your own branding to show your affiliation. Consider a range of custom beanies from Bolt Printing for a functional, stylish merchandising option.

Get The Word Out

It’s important that word of the event reaches as many people as possible, and as a business, you have an excellent platform to help spread the word. You could post regular updates on the event on your company’s social media accounts and encourage sharing from employees and customers. You could also send out invitations to your business contacts and encourage them to bring guests.


Hosting a charity event will do more than just improve your reputation; it will instill a feeling of satisfaction in you, your employees, and all who attend. It can be a fulfilling choice for businesses and can do excellent work for the charities that mean the most to you. You will need to plan all elements of the event carefully, minimizing costs and finding ways to help make the event as profitable as possible for the charity you work with.

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