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5 Things You Should Know When Hiring Top Talent For Your Company

Every business owner wants the best for their businesses, and one way to get the best for their business is to hire top talents. Hiring the best is critical for your company’s future. With the right hires, you can boost your workforce’s productivity and lower employee turnover.

However, hiring the best people isn’t exactly easy. According to one study, around 63% of employers say talent shortage is their biggest challenge, while 76% of hiring managers claim their greatest struggle is attracting quality candidates. So how can you resolve the problem of hiring the right applicants for your company? What possible strategies can you practice to filter for the best talents for your organization?

Say you’re looking at hiring people to your growing business. This article lists five tips you can apply when hiring top talent for your company’s growth. 

  1. Identify your recruitment needs 

The term ‘top talent’ can mean differently for each company. So before posting a job vacancy, you must understand what your company needs from your prospective candidates. Focus more on the current skill gaps in your organization and if you need to establish new roles. 

For example, suppose you have a general contracting business. You can use a contractor business management software from Jobber to organize your existing crews and have a clear overview of any skill gaps. Perhaps you discovered that some of your general contractors can no longer perform marketing roles due to increasing job orders. When that happens, you’ll need to hire a marketer who can focus on promoting your business online and offline. 

When you’ve identified the role your business needs, you can start creating job descriptions for that role. You can talk with your employees to determine the responsibilities and functions of this new role and discuss the purpose of this job or the skills required for someone to succeed.

  1. Build an attractive company culture

According to one resource, great company culture is a crucial factor for 46% of job seekers when looking for a job. Despite an effective recruitment process in place, if they find out about what kind of culture your company has, they’ll either abandon their application or leave your company a few days or weeks after their hiring.

When you prepare for the hiring process, ensure you also focus on building a positive company culture. For example, generating invoices can be a huge headache for your accounts department. To make their lives easier, consider investing in an invoice template generator. Your employees can quickly produce customized and high-quality invoices for any job, improving your company’s efficiency and workflow.

Improved efficiency when creating invoices can contribute to better work-life balance and can be part of your company culture. When prospective candidates see your effort in improving your company culture, they’ll be more determined to work for your company.  

  1. Search the right places 

Searching for applicants without a plan can be a waste of time and money for your company and will only steer you away from finding top talents. For instance, suppose you want to hire someone who knows your business or industry well. Consider hiring from within. Reach out to your existing crew and ask if they’re interested in filling this new role.

According to the Jobvite 2017 Recruiting Funnel Benchmark Report statistics, 15.25% of recruiters consider internal recruiting among the top five best talent resources and is six times more effective than other hiring sources. Besides saving time and money, internal recruitment assures you that the person you’re hiring has the skills in and already knows your industry’s niche.

If you can’t hire from within, you can start recruiting through external sources to have a broader talent pool. For instance, if you want to hire someone skilled in your business, contact the people whom you’ve met from conferences or networking events and let them know you’re hiring.

Meanwhile, if you don’t mind hiring fresh graduates, you can redirect your hiring efforts and focus on posting job vacancies on university or campus placements, job portals, and job fairs. Ultimately, you need to try different channels depending on the type of candidates you’re looking for. 

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  1. Improve your company’s brand recognition and online presence

Most job seekers research the company online when interested in their job postings. Statistics show that 64% of job seekers research the company online, and 37% would move to another company if they can’t find more information about the first one.  

To attract the right talent, find creative ways to improve your company’s online presence or brand recognition. When job seekers see that your brand has an outstanding reputation or is popular nationally or internationally, you can easily attract and magnet top talents for your company that will surely keep sending their CVs. 

  1. Ask the right questions

The interview stage is the most crucial in the hiring process. However, it’s also the second most time-consuming part of the recruitment process, as 42% of recruiters claimed. As a result, some will try to rush the interview process, leading to recruiting the wrong person.  

To ensure you employ the most qualified talent for your company, you’ll need to streamline your interview process and start asking the right questions. Focus on asking thought-provoking questions that will encourage your candidates to discuss their skills, shortcomings, career successes, and job concerns. Their answers will reveal more about their skill and will help you determine if they’re a good fit.

The Bottom Line 

Hiring top talent for your company isn’t only about refining your recruitment process, but it’s part of it. Marketing your company and making it appealing to job seekers are just as important as interviewing them. Remember, talented applicants are everywhere, but it’s up to you to find ways to attract them to your company.

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