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Saving Where You Can: How Do Penny Items Work?

Did you know that you can find the oldest customer complaint from 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia? Are you a shopper who enjoys finding deals online and in-person?

You might be wondering, what are penny items? In this article, explore all about penny items, how to find and take advantage of them. Read on to learn how you can make these items a regular part of your shopping list, and save!

What Is a Penny Deal?

A penny deal is where a store has items that will ring up as a penny. This is when they’re going to take those items out of their store, or when going through the inventory.

Stores such as the penny list Dollar General will receive a list of what to price the different sale/clearance items for. They’ll then change the markers on the items to reflect the new price.

It’s a similar concept as finding items that are now on clearance or marked down to 70% off. These items will show up as a penny to let the associates know that those items need to be taken off the shelves sooner than later.

How Do I Score Penny Deals?

Stores are supposed to be vigilant and have their associates pull the items off of the racks and shelves instead of letting them sell for a penny. If you decide to get into trezor promo code or couponing, you can pay attention to different items that go on sale, such as seasonal items.

Sometimes you can get lucky and find an item out on the shelves that rings up for a penny, and the associate hasn’t taken it off of the shelf yet. You can also follow couponers on social media, and bloggers to see when the next big sales will occur.

Finding Dollar General Penny Items

First, whether you’re trying to find penny items at Walmart or Dollar General, it’s important you understand the different codes on items. While it’s not a guarantee the items will ring up as a penny, you’ll have a better shot at finding these penny deals.

Check the code abbreviations of different seasons such as fa for fall, or wi for winter. You’ll also be able to tell what year it’s from such as 2013, 2015, etc. If you find items with pink dots, they’re normally discounted.

Codes can vary from product to product, so it’s important to research the rich different codes out there. Keep in mind that even if the item rings up for that price, it doesn’t mean the store will allow you to buy it for that price. Some stores will.

Penny Top Tips

Even if an item rings up for a penny, understand that a sales associate might not be able to give you that price, so be polite to them. Put items in your cart that should ring up for a penny. Remember it’s about finding them before they’re pulled off of the shelves.

Never mention penny sales if it rings up for more, just say you thought it was on sale for less. Be neat and respectful in the store as you go. Never ask an employee about penny items.

Where To Shop for Penny Items?

You might be able to score penny deals at other stores, and not just Dollar General. For example, you can head to your local Walmart for deals. Check out online coupons for different penny item deals.

How To Save at Stores?

If you’re looking for deals besides penny deals, you’ll want to check ads and take a look at the different markdowns. Stores such as Target and Sears will markdown items that no one is buying.

Seasonal Items

Think of all of the seasonal items for the holidays that don’t get bought. You might be able to buy your dream costume for Halloween at half the price afterward.


Make sure to check out the different markdowns in each store. Check each week for any changes from the previous week.

Price Match

Some stores will offer price matching. Before trying to price match at a store, see if they allow it, and explore different stores. Once you can prove another store has it for less, make sure that you bring in the printed ad from their competitor.

Saving on Groceries

Many professional couponers are looking to save on groceries. While you’re at the grocery store, it’s a good idea to stick to your shopping list, and avoid buying what you don’t need. Keep track of how much each item costs as well.

Freeze Items

Before items go bad, freeze them. This can help you save on meals that you’d wind up spending extra on when you don’t need to.

Look up and Down

Higher-priced items will be at eye-level since marketers know that’s where you’ll look first. Check out items that are at the top and bottom of shelves to see any better deals.

Check Other Stores

Even if you love your grocery store, it’s a good idea to check out other stores for a price comparison. Besides the local chains, check out Aldi and other stores as well. It’s also a good idea to check the weekly ads and plan your groceries around different sales.

Exploring Penny Items in Your Area

Now that you’ve explored more about penny items and where to find them you should have a better idea of what to expect. Are you looking for business content? For everything from business to technology, check out our other articles today.

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