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5 Cargo Trailer Loading Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Are you looking to make a cross-country move as safely as possible? Have you rented a cargo trailer, but unsure of how to store things in it the right way? If so, then you need to look into cargo trailer loading tips to optimize the entire process.

Doing so can help ensure that all your belongings are as safe as possible. That way, you can drive with peace of mind, knowing everything is secure. This can also help you understand what type of items to store in it.

See below for an in-depth guide on cargo trailer tips and how to load one the right way.

1. Find the Right Size for Your Needs

Getting a cargo trailer can be a tremendous asset to your move, especially if you’re in a career field where you’re constantly hauling equipment to and from.

However, to give yourself the best experience possible, be sure to find the right size of the cargo trailer for your needs. Too small, and you won’t have enough room to fit all your belongings. Too large, and all your items will be jostling around in transit.

Make sure to take stock of all the items that you’re looking to store in the cargo trailer for extra security. They come in a variety of sizes, so there is bound to be one that’s the perfect size for your needs.

If you’re unsure of which size to pick, many experts will tell you that it’s actually better to buy one on the smaller side. That way, you won’t have any extra room for your items to shake or loosen.

Be sure to read this article on cargo trailers for more information on how to find the right one for your needs. You’ll be glad that you did!

2. Invest in Rope and Bungee Cord

If you haven’t already, be sure to create a budget for your moving needs. Most people fail to price the project under their budget because they don’t factor in other items besides the trailer.

For example, besides purchasing the cargo trailer, you’ll also need to purchase several bungee cords and ropes.

The key is to find bungee cords that fit the items you need to store. For example, if you are storing a lawnmower inside the cargo trailer, you will want to purchase bungee cords or rope that’s long enough to wrap around the mower.

Calculate how many items you’re planning to store in your trailer during the move. Be sure that you have enough rope and bungee cords to fasten in all your belongings.

3. Heavy In the Front

Now that you’ve picked the right size for your needs, you need to understand the basic principles of loading it.

First, make a checklist of every item that you need to store in your cargo trailer a few days before you plan to load them up.

After you have listed all the items, do some research to find the weight of all items. You can find this information by either weighing them yourself, through the product’s owners manual, or on the product information page online.

Once your weigh all your items, be sure to reorganize them from heaviest to least-heavy. This will help you know what items need to store at the front of the cargo trailer.

Make sure to check with the manufacturer before you load your cargo trailer. While most models do better with front-loading the bulk of your items, there are a few exceptions.

4. Set Guidelines for Your Trip

Firmly securing your items inside the cargo trailer isn’t the only way that you can ensure a safe trip. There are a few guidelines that you can follow while you drive to make sure your items arrive in great condition.

First, commit yourself to drive no faster than 50 to 60 miles per hour. As soon as you get on the highway, get to the right-most lane and set your cruise control to 55 mph.

Next, limit yourself to pressing down on the accelerator or the brakes as much as possible. Every time that you do, you’ll notice that your trailer starts to sway a bit more. Take every turn as slow as possible, turning the wheel in increments.

5. Consider the Axel as You Pack

The last bit of advice is to view your entire cargo trailer as one unit. Use the axle of the trailer as the focal point, similar to the middle point of a teeter-totter.

If you front loads the trailer too much, then you risk putting too much stress on the trailer hitch. Aim to put 60-percent of your items in front, and disperse the rest throughout the middle and the back.

Steer clear of the trailer’s door as much as possible. Make sure to load the entire height of the trailer as well. Whenever you stack items, make sure they’re fastened in with a bungee cord or a rope to the item they’re piled on top of.

Remember, you don’t want to complicate the unloading process. Make sure to consider the best way to unload the trailer once you reach your destination.

Find the Right Cargo Trailer for Your Needs

Now that you have seen all the different ways to load your cargo trailer, you must use them to your benefit.

Be sure to find the perfect cargo trailer for your needs. Start by listing all the items that you wish to put inside it to find the right size.

Also, make sure to browse our website to find more articles on cargo trailers, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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