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Latest Smart Phones With Some Awesome Functionality

There are some great smartphone collections that have been launched in 2016. They are one of the best versions that anyone can every get. The technology world is already balancing to the right and the left, with the upcoming of latest smartphones with its features and quality. The smartphones have a certain edge of difference. They have some specification in the form of signature which differentiates them well. Many companies are at a competition in the market to be the market leader for the year 2016. This competition, in turn, gives us great news about day to day innovations which takes place amongst the best brands.

Apple is looking for its next smartphone to be released after iPhone SE, its iPhone 7 which is to be released. Many people are mad about the iPhones. The very recent launch of iPhone 6s series has already started capturing the market. People have already started becoming very curious about the upcoming iPhone 7. Their expectations have already started reaching the zenith with regards the new iPhone 7. They have started expecting good results and have higher expectations with regards the performance of the phone. Many people are expecting the best outcome from the phone.

Many of the people have their views that iPhone 7 will be one of the best phones ever created in the history of mankind. It is one of the most awaited upcoming smartphones and people have a lot of expectations with regards the phone. People are so much eager to know about the smartphones. As per the specifications of the phones which have not yet been revealed, still, the iPhone 7 is one of the best phones which have been ever created. It is the 2016 best phone winner as per people’s views.

HTC and Google smartphones are another best phone’s which has up come in the market. HTC 10 is another such smartphone which has created the buzz. Also, there are discussions going around that Google has chosen HTC for the next best upcoming smartphones. Other smartphones which were created by Google and Huawei are the nexus 6P and nexus 5x. But now it looks like Google has found the best partner for their upcoming devices.

Nexus 6p and 5x were other best phones and are really good with regards its functionality, design, and other built-in quality. Additionally, the camera quality is also very good. There are certain features which the nexus comprises of which many people are looking forward that the HTC will carry it too. The HTC 10 tells about the design and quality which shall be adopted in other upcoming smartphones and other mobile phones. As per the information’s, HTC is supposed to make two devices of nexus. The devices also have name one is marlin and other will sailfish. Both are budget phones. The designs and the specifications of the phones have not been revealed yet. But in case if the people want to have a look as to how the devices look like then they must check the site of leaked designs.

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