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Some Of The Best Smart Phones Which have Come Till Now

Microsoft Surface Phone is another such phone which will give great shocks to other phone companies. After the most efficacious launch of phones like Lumia 950, Microsoft is looking for another opportunity for introducing the smartphone which is known as Microsoft surface phone. The upcoming Microsoft surface is another such big prize winning a smartphone. The specifications of the smartphones are completely novice and mind boggling. Nokia is one such company which makes the smartphones which are of high quality and it lasts for years. The technique which is applied in the manufacturing has been taking over by Microsoft. Now the technique of high-quality manufacture of hardware has come to Microsoft.

With the combination of Nokia’s phones hardware and the Microsoft software has brought out some of the best combinations in Lumia series. So, the customers are advised not to waste their time and simply go and buy the phones, especially the upcoming Microsoft phones.

More powerful Intel processor, which is more powerful, compared to any snapdragon processor, the upcoming devices shall be heightened. On the device, the surface phone shall be able to function 32-bit windows through the help of Intel processor.
• It has a quad HD screen
• 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution
• Screen protection
• Gorilla Glass 4 with a clear black
• Amazing camera section
• It has a 21 Megapixel pure view
• Along with this camera
• The camera comes with a Zeiss 6 lens

Now compared to other smartphones the sensors which are used in the device of Microsoft is the best. For a much wider form of self-photography along with a quality which is superb is an 8-megapixel lens which comes with Zeiss. This is applicable in the front section and works the best. The specification of the phones is also rumored.
Samsung Galaxy X is another such foldable upcoming smartphones. It is the next upcoming smartphones. The galaxy X shall come into the market with one of its functionality of being foldable. Within a period of one year, the technology especially the edge technology will come to an end. And in the coming future, the technology which shall be used more shall be the foldable display. Now there are certain specifications of the phones like the Samsung Galaxy X comes with a 4k super display which is AMOLED. The display resolution shall be of or comprises of 2160 x 3840. Along with this, it shall have a dual camera mode with rear facing. And one of the most amazing factors is that the size of the screen shall be somewhere between 5.5 – 5.7 inches.Additionally, the device is also powered with a 6 GB RAM. As the 4 GB series are over so people will look for an upgraded series. Qualcomm’s snapdragon 830 processor shall also be thee. Rumors have it that they may use their own Exynos processor. Nothing can be said as of now.

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