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How Top IT Consulting Companies in Chicago Can Help Your Business

An essential part of any business today is their information technology (IT) framework and other forms of technologies that they use. Information technology is so crucial to any business or entity that hopes to grow and succeed in today’s reality. These IT needs can be in different forms examples of which will include software and hardware use, security, internet facilities, storage and cloud facilities, as well as communications in form of emails, websites, and internet-enabled phones (VoIP).

Why your Chicago Business Needs IT

The city of Chicago is the capital of the State of Illinois in the United States. It has the third-largest gross metropolitan product in the U.S and it is an important business destination. Chicago is also a major financial center and plays host to several fortune 1000, 500 and 100 companies as well as a wide range of industries ranging from aerospace to engineering, manufacturing, printing, health, food processing et al. You can learn more about business in Chicago here.

For businesses in Chicago, information technology adds much value because it improves ease of operation, speed, efficiency, and security. Below are some reasons your company needs to implement an information technology infrastructure.

It Makes Communication Easier and Better

With the prevalence of IT, communications keep getting faster and easier even across different countries and time zones. This is one of the biggest benefits of information technology. There are many forms of communication in this regard. Emails have been around for a while but much more than sending emails, there is videoconferencing where virtual meetings can hold between two parties at different locations. There are instant messaging platforms that are commercially available or can be personalized and used by staff just within the company for internal communication. There are also broadband internet-enabled phones that do not use phone lines, etc. All of these save you cost on communication and time as they are all done over the internet.

Efficiency in Operations

This is another big advantage of IT. It also comes down to the ease, speed, and cost of doing things in and around the company. There are solutions available to automate and make every day work very efficient, helping you can achieve more than when these were done manually. Depending on the kind of business you run, day to day processes can be automated without a human being physically there even when the business is not open. Some tools help you easily solve complex problems, improve organization and also make data research and analysis easier.

Marketing and Customer Service

Information technology also makes marketing and getting clients easier. With better market research, you can know what your clients need and tailor your operations, products, or services to meet these needs. Part of these can include using online forums and surveys, social media platforms, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and analytical tools.

An important part of most businesses’ concern is their website. You can market online through your website and social media platforms, implement search engine optimization (SEO), and place ads that help bring targeted content to your existing and potential clients. You can also support your clients using multiple channels of communications, emails, chats, phones, webinars, social media, etc.

Storage and Resource Management

Before the advent of IT, storing information and data were principally through files and documents which in itself was a risk as you could easily lose them. In addition to that, it took too much paper and space to store. Then came physical storage devices that helped businesses store their information but these were also not without their disadvantages. These days there are cloud storage platforms that help in the easy storage of files and data which can then be easily retrieved at any time and anywhere on the planet. You do not need physical space neither is there a need to protect them from damage or theft.


This is also one of the greatest advantages of information technology. With cybersecurity, businesses can secure information and anything that matters to them from malicious threats by ensuring only authorized users can have access to any sensitive information. This helps to ensure the confidentiality of their data.

Implementing IT for your Chicago Business

it consulting companies in chicago

Not all businesses can build, deploy, and manage their own IT and network infrastructure due to various factors such as cost, time, and other resources. This is where IT consulting companies are of help. They help create strategies for current and future IT needs including infrastructure, software, and security of your company.

How IT Companies Help your Business

Before talking about this, lets define what an IT consulting company really is. Information technology is a very broad field and there are several players in this sector. Some of these include software and hardware providers, internet service providers, security experts, network infrastructure experts, and so on. All these set of people have their unique places in the information technology lifecycle of a company.

An IT consulting firm can include any of the above-mentioned roles and more. They usually work with businesses to help implement their IT infrastructure and also solve whatever problems may arise with them. They can provide services such as:

  • IT administration.
  • Defining software, hardware, network, and infrastructure needs and operations.
  • Designing, installing, testing, and monitoring systems.
  • Cybersecurity services.
  • Cloud and storage services.

They combine IT skills with business knowledge and management, review what your company needs in this regard and proffer solutions by advising and recommending how a company can use information technology to meet their objectives. Their job is to improve the structure and effectiveness of IT systems in an organization. They give technical assistance, provide guidance on the procurement of IT components and may also train, assist, or give feedback to a company.

Benefits of Hiring IT Consultants

Because of the scale of implementation of IT systems as well as the for expertise, it is always advisable for companies to hire IT consulting firms to handle their information technology needs. Some of the benefits of doing so include the following:

It Helps You to Focus on Your Business

Except you are an IT consulting firm and in which case you do not need external help, there is a core purpose of your business and critical functions that are attached to this purpose. Outsourcing your IT needs can help you focus on better achieving this instead of getting distracted with your information technology needs. It is sort of an opportunity cost that allows you to become more productive because you can focus on building your business.

It is Cost-Effective

A recent survey found out that IT related issues cost businesses more than 100 billion dollars annually. IT consulting firms will help you save costs and prevent losses by plugging the holes that cause these issues quicker. You also save on the overhead cost by not owning some of the resources. You can pay per project or when a specific issue is being worked on. In the long run, you would have spent significantly less than you would have if you were handling it in-house.

Expertise and Experience

Although you can have an in-house IT team or employ staff to be in charge of this, it is nothing compared to getting the expertise and experience of a set of people whose focus is on implementing and solving IT related problems and with specialty across different IT fields. They will bring their combined knowledge to bear on your business and you can always get the latest technology available. You are also likely to get firsthand information, support in addition to paying less or nothing when you have issues to resolve.

How Do you Choose the Right IT Consulting Firm?

Now that you know the importance of IT to your business and the advantages of hiring a firm to take care of your information technology needs, how do you select a good consulting firm? Below are tips that can guide you in doing so.

  • Define your IT goals; know the services you need and the results you desire then look for a firm that fits or have the capacity to deliver them.
  • Look at the profile and experience of the company; what kind of services they offer, how they do it, the market they operate in, how long they have been in business, and so on.
  • What is their customer service like? Are they available any time you need them? Customer service is a critical part of IT consulting. You want a firm that can respond as soon as possible as a lot of your business operations rely on information technology.
  • Ask for references from them and ask others about them.

You can learn more by reading this step by step guide to choosing an information technology consulting company


No business can survive without information technology in today’s reality. Its benefits far outweigh the disadvantages if any. Implementing a robust system will make your business processes easier, faster, and secure.

However, to get the best results, it is essential to employ experts who can help you do this, ensuring you get a good return on your investment.

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