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Is your business really making the most of technology?

There’s no getting away from the fact that technology shapes the world around us, but to what extent are you exploiting the equipment and systems now available to drive innovation and change in your business? In this blog, we focus on a few of the key areas in which tech can enhance the success of your company.


In a recent infographic focussing on how technology is changing the ways in which people work, TalkTalk Business revealed the findings a poll suggesting that nearly a quarter of people (24%) predict that within the next decade, they’ll be attending and participating in virtual conferences and events. This highlights the crucial impact that technology is having on how enterprises network. Rather than having to travel for hundreds or even thousands of miles to attend industry gatherings or meetings, companies are increasingly switching to remote networking to cut travel times and save costs.

If you’re not already using video conferencing technology to network in these ways, now could be the time to start. As well as participating in virtual events run by others, you might want to consider organising and promoting your own remote networking sessions.


In-person training still plays an important role in many companies, but a lot of firms are now also using online and app-based personal development programmes. From on-the-job training apps that help workers to hone their skills to remote learning packages that employees can work through at their own pace, this screen-based training can be cost efficient and extremely effective when it comes to encouraging staff members to further their knowledge and skills.

Investing in these development packages could save your business a lot of money over the long term and help to boost the abilities of your employees.


More than one in 10 of the workers polled on behalf of TalkTalk Business suggested that they would like to use virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri more often in their roles, while 32% said they believed artificial intelligence and automation could make them more efficient in their roles. Findings like this draw attention to the important role that tech is playing in helping workplaces to function better.

By thinking carefully about which tools will help your personnel to perform their roles as quickly and accurately as possible, you could significantly improve productivity in your company while also keeping costs down. It might be something as simple as giving your employees access to portable devices that they can use away from their desks. Some companies are even implanting ‘bring your own device’ policies that allow employees to choose the tech that they use.

Staying up to speed on the latest business technology trends could help you to secure the success of your business now and into the future, so this isn’t an issue you can afford to ignore.

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