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How to Hack Into Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

iPhone users are incredibly proud of their phones. Their sense of patronage knows no bounds as they have spent a great deal of money buying the latest version of the coveted chains. They think that an iPhone cannot be cracked and hacked. If someone does attempt to do so, they would know.

Spy app enthusiasts would be aware that newbies with spying often seek solutions on how to hack any iPhone.  They think that with a price so expensive, database so connected, security so perfect, it would be impossible to hack into an iPhone. 

This is not true. iPhones might be costly and extensive with respect to their price. They may have the most flashy exteriors and flashy interiors, but it is amazing how Minspy, a web based spy application can hack an iPhone in under 5 minutes. Sounds surprising, right?

Why is Minspy the best for iPhone Hacking?

Minspy is a leading web-based spyware app and those who have sound knowledge of spy apps can speak of its perfection. The app provides you with the prowess to access an iPhone, that too absolutely remotely. Yes, you wouldn’t need to even touch the iPhone under question. 

By virtue of the extreme anonymity in spying conduct, Minspy tends to be a spy app user favourite. It ensures that your privacy as a user of Minspy keeps your identity and interest solemnly safe. Even the employees of Minspy can’t access your personal data. 

There are some efficient features and functions that distinguish Minspy from other apps. While many other apps promise these features, but Minspy renders to them in the best possible manner:

Anonymity- Stealth Mode

Minspy has a fabulous stealth mode that makes sure that its users can operate discreetly and anonymously. There are no trails of usage, app download requirements or seeking unnecessary information when spying. The user information is extremely private, safe and protected with Minspy.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking Requirement

Minspy does not make rooting or jailbreaking as a necessary procedure, something that most other spy applications necessitate. You would not need the target iPhone for anything at all and you can function in an extremely independent manner. 

The access to everything is as remote as one can imagine. Even if the iPhone user is another geographical territory, you can still spy on him from the comforts of your very home. 

Spying Features

Minspy helps in the conduct of a very holistic spying into an iPhone. It practically clones the target phone and offers you an insight on every aspect from messages, iMessages, call list, GPS location, social media, etc. 

Out of all the functions and features that Minspy offers, the keylogging facility takes the cake. With the help of this feature, you can also view the messages that were deleted or other key inputs that the users of the iPhone made. 


Minspy’s fan base speaks for itself. Even with intense competition in the field, it has retained a place for itself through good procedures, better interface and ease of functioning. Spying in itself can be a little tricky but this web based app makes the process very easy and prompt.

How to Spy on iPhone with Minspy?

The simplification offered by Minspy to spy on an iPhone deserves an award. You need no direct or even indirect interface with the target iPhone. The process is absolutely remote. All can be done and dusted in an immensely convenient way. 

You would not face any suspicion of any sort when spying. This is because of the absolute discreteness this app tends to offer. Being web based and with no requirement of software installation or jailbreaking, Minspy is adored by spy app users. 

One experiences extreme ease in using Minspy. It takes only a couple of minutes to access, view and discover all sorts of activities on the target iPhone. Below are the procedures involved in allowing one to spy on an iphone:


You start with the process by registering at Minspy’s official site. You can use your email to register the same. That’s it, you do not need to provide un-required information.

Selecting the Plan

Post registration, you will be presented with multiple plans that you can choose from. You can assess your needs, budgets and volume to decide which plan you want. When you have chosen a plan, you can buy it.

Set Up procedure

On purchase of the plan, you will receive an elaborate email for set up in the form of a set up link. The steps will explicitly and elaborately state the set up procedure. You will just need to follow the instructions as stated. 

As and when the software is installed, the app will then seek information regarding the target device. This is where you choose ‘iOS’ as the target platform as you intend to spy on an iPhone. 

Enter the iCloud Credentials

Post selecting iOS as the target platform, you need to enter the iCloud credentials. This is the main and final part. If you’re aware of the iCloud credentials of the iPhone user, you can hack into their iPhone in a jiffy. You can have immediate access into the iPhone after this.

It seems quite surprising that in a set-up as complicated and secretive as an iPhone, hacking could be so simplified. Entering the iCloud credentials would then allow Minspy to link with the target iPhone immediately.  

From registering on Minspy and ending with accessing the iPhone under question, the entire process practically takes a few minutes only. You can indulge in wholesome spying and view every detail and conduct that is happening on the iPhone under question. 


People seek solutions on how to hack any iPhone because with the tech superiority iPhones have, it is just assumed that are unhackable. At the same time, it is astounding how Minspy can surpass this conviction like a boss spying app. 

The application has just the right features and functions that ensure that you can hack your way into an iPhone. The efficiency of time and operation that Minspy provides further makes it more and more desirable. In the world full of pretentious and false claiming hacking apps, Minspy takes you by surprise.

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