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How X model is better than 7 and 8 series of iPhone

iPhone is a smartphone which is known by people around all over the world. Talking about Apple, this brand is enough to attract millions of heart. Moreover, the features of Apple iPhone are not comparable with any other phone in the mobile market. The description of iPhone is totally depended upon the operating system, memory capacity, and many more features. Everyone wants to hold this phone in their hands this is the main reason why this company is achieving lots of reorganization from last years. Recently the iPhone X has arrived in the market.

iPhone configuration:

  • Automatic detection in case of Wi-Fi networks is the essential feature of Apple iPhone which cannot be compared with any other brand.
  • It is supportive for both the standards that are 11band 802.11g.
  • The company prefers the use of quad band gsm and single SIM card is accessible for networking or communicating.
  • edge support is used for high-speed data transfer.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is there, one more attractive feature memory capacity.

iPhone 7 and 8 series:

iPhone 7 and 8 have a number of special features which are quite appreciating. Both the phones have front finger print sensor position. Light sensor, Compass, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Barometer, Gyroscope etc. Operating system iOS v10 is used even in iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus. Quad core processor is used in both the apple series but the only difference is iPhone 7 works with Quad core 2.37 GHz, whereas iPhone 8 series prefer Quad core 2.5 GHz. One more difference is there i.e. of RAM Apple 7 has 3 GB and in 8 series benefit of 4 GB is there. The price difference is not too much between 7 and 8 series. Apple 7 cost is 72,000 and the 8 series will be in your hand after paying little more i.e. 78,990.

iPhone X with new features:

Nowadays everyone is talking about the new model of Apple i.e. iPhone X. The price description is the main gossip of iPhone among various people. The price details in India are from Rs 89,000 to Rs 102,000. As the people are enjoying it previously launches models that are of 7 and 8 series, and now X model is ready to arrive. According to news till Nov, 3 one has to wait for it but people are really curious to operate this phone as soon as possible.

Description of Apple X model:

So, hold down your breath for its description touch finger printing is quite common nowadays. Thus, in iPhone X, Apple Company has made certain changes. Therefore, get ready to use a phone with face detection technology, isn’t interesting.

More exciting features:

  • In this the edge-to-edge,8 inch OLED display will be given to customers.
  • Are you ready to hear one more interesting feature, so the most durable glass smart phone Apple X model has wireless charging, and it is water as well as dust
  • A single swipe is enough for navigation of pages. So, without using the button one has to swipe on display screen.

So, get ready and say hello to future, with new technology features.

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