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How To Beat Permit Application Challenges During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of challenges for people all over the world. The typical transactions that used to occur before the virus proliferated globally had to be put on hold. Lockdowns and quarantines were ordered by governments to contain the potentially fatal disease.

Because of this, plenty of construction projects have to be delayed because the necessary permits to start the building process cannot be processed due to different restrictions. Due to that, using a permit portal could be the best solution for these problems.

Before the pandemic, builders and contractors already find the task of obtaining permits very tedious. They need to personally go to the local office that is authorized to grant the necessary permit, and then fill out the required paperwork.

They also need to pay the fees then wait until the permit is granted. It can be a time-consuming task, especially if they need multiple permits to start the project.

If you will try to apply for a construction permit for the first time, here are the challenges that you may usually face during the regular application procedures. It will help you learn how to avoid difficulties, especially during the time of the pandemic.

Complexities Of Permit Application

The usual permit application process seemed simple and straightforward. However, it goes beyond filling up the forms, paying the fees, and waiting for the authorizing officer’s approval. It also needs a strategic pre-planning tactic to ensure that the permit will be approved.

Before heading to the local municipal office, you need to ensure that the proposal that you will present complies with the by-laws od the town or city where the project is located. You also need to specify all the qualified people who will work on the project.

Part of the application requirements also needs meticulously crafted construction drawings and a detailed site plan and project timeline. These must be presented to an authorized person.

Due to the current situation brought by the pandemic, the construction plan presentation can put you at risk of contracting the virus. But if you use a permit portal that allows requirement submissions, you will be able to conveniently submit all the requirements in one click of a button.

Basic Permit Application Requirements

The usual permit application would ask you to submit several essential documents that present all the project’s crucial details.

The documents must mention specific project information, particularly the project’s actual physical location, the area of the jurisdiction where it will take place, the area size of space required to build the project, and the estimation of the total value of the project.

For building permits, you need to provide the application’s purpose, specifically the building’s proposed and present uses and the detailed description of the upcoming project. It also needs the information about the permit applicant, the building owner, and the builder’s name who will handle the construction.

Other permits like planning and zoning permits, road opening permits, and tree removal permits also have specific requirements per state. It could be very difficult to obtain these permits during the ongoing travel restrictions. However, the assistance of online permit portals can help simplify the processes.

What Happens If Construction Begins Without Permits 

The municipal or town government may issue a cease and desist order if you start a building or other construction projects without legal permits. It may also have an adverse effect in terms of your finances.

For example, you have plans to sell the establishment that you are building or renovating without a permit. The potential buyer may require you to present the building permits for all the renovations you have done to the property.

If you cannot present the legal documents, the buyer may ask you to reduce your asking price significantly. They may even abandon the possible transaction right away to avoid any problems in the future.

Because of the pandemic, plenty of builders and contractors may permit the application process extremely difficult due to the limitations. The travel restrictions and limited workforce could also cause major delays to the application.

The delays may also cause more problems for the construction process in the long run. It may also cause several violations of the area’s regulations.

But using permit portals will help make the task a lot less complicated. All the forms can be filled online. You may also submit the software’s requirements, then pay for the fees without leaving the house. As a result, you can start the project right away without the risks of getting affected by the virus.

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