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Four upgrades to make to your business during the summer break

Summer arrived fast, and with fantastic weather comes an excellent opportunity for promoting and branding your small business. Depending on the industry, several small companies see a seasonal drop in sales and overall business activity throughout the summer. Others believe that warm weather increases commercial activity.

You don’t want to sit on your hands while your competitors figure out how to make the most of the summer.

Here are four tried-and-true summer marketing tactics for you to implement this summer, click here.

Examine your business plan and objectives.

With the year’s second quarter ending, now is an excellent opportunity to review your business strategy and goals for the year and assess where you are. How near are you to attaining your objectives? Is there anything new in your business that compels you to revise your strategy?

Write down and celebrate your accomplishments thus far, and ensure that you are still on pace to reach the goals you established at the start of the year.

Don’t be afraid to drop targets that are no longer relevant or to adjust your strategy if what you’ve done so far isn’t getting you closer to your main goal.

Have a contest

This may appear to be a standard marketing tactic, but its popularity comes from the fact that it just works. Giveaways are an excellent method to get people enthusiastic and involved while they interact with you. If you can include a summer theme in a giveaway, that’s a great way to capitalise on the season, but if that doesn’t work for what you do, there are some inventive alternatives.

Consider that summer is a vacation, pleasure, and relaxation season for many individuals. An iPad or Kindle is a highly desirable travel companion even if you can’t give away something directly related to your business. Use this to generate interest in your giveaway.

Take advantage of the vacation crowd.

This may not apply to your area, but you could get a considerable boost this summer if it does. If tourists are coming to your area, give them a cause to visit you. One suggestion is to offer them a discount on their first purchase if they can provide an out-of-state ID. Tie in the locals as well – if a local brings a buddy from out of town to your shop, tell them they’ll get a discount or freebie the next time they come in.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about it. Please ensure you rank high in local search rankings, as those unfamiliar with the area will almost certainly use their cell phones to find places to visit. You can also collaborate with local hotels and restaurants to display your marketing materials at their establishments.

Try out something new.

Many small firms postpone the release of new products until the autumn and back-to-school seasons. Marketers hoping to avoid the summer slowdown may want to consider launching a new product at this time of year.

Because fewer new products are on the market now, your product will stand out and draw attention. As a bonus, launching a new product or service during the summer allows you to test it with a smaller audience to measure enthusiasm.

If your consumers aren’t interested in your current selling items, you can discontinue the service with no fanfare or embarrassment.

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